Compartmentalized Federal Bureaucracy: Ongoing Breeding Grounds for Conspiracy & Treachery

Unknown to most of the literate adult Americans of the 21st Century, U.S. Government bureaucracies have, since around 1934, been deliberately created and structured to support covert, illegal, and diabolical unconstitutional operations. How is this so? Well, think of a specific government agency, one of the 1,550 currently existing federal regulatory agencies, commissions, and administrations, as you would a huge chest of draws, comprising a hundred different draws within it. Every drawer is deliberately isolated from every other drawer to contain specifically different items. Likewise, federal government agencies are comprised of many different departments, or drawers, each having its own subdivision of smaller drawers, which are also separate and distinct from each other. Government agencies are usually created to function in a fashion that does not promote cogent oversight. As to why this so, you will see a bit further in this article. For instance, let’s take the CIA for example. The independently autonomous Central intelligence Agency is comprised of, at least, 300 different operational departments, each department having, at least, 100 sub-divisions, or sections. Each one of those sub-divided sections is divided into even smaller sections. Each of these agency subdivisions, or sections, contains at least 100 employees, or operatives, who have specific autonomous functions as assigned by their designated section leaders. So, realistically, a government agency, such as the CIA, could contain as many as 50,000 operatives (and assets, or men and women around the world who are not official employees of the CIA, but are secretly paid to perform special assignments) working in 5,000 sections, 100 operatives to a section, and Congress, who actually created the CIA, has no real knowledge of these operational sections. The National Security Agency (NSA) is nearly three times the size of the CIA in operational bureaucratic size, which, of course, creates even more alienation between departments, sections, and sub-sections, where the right-hand of the bureaucratic body does not know what left-hand is doing. Scary, huh? Moreover, when the bureaucratic body has many sections and subsections (or hands), the many right hands ordinarily don’t know what the many left hands are doing. This makes the planning and orchestration of conspiracies (covert unsanctioned illegal paramilitary operations) pretty easy to accomplish.

Compartmentalization, a 20th Century term originally created by U.S. Army Gen. Leslie Groves, who managed the WWII Manhattan Project, is the crux of U.S. bureaucratic organization. In order for security to have been tightly micromanaged during the time the first atomic bomb was being created and assembled in the remote New Mexico desert, Groves ensured that the various departments of the Manhattan Project were insulated from each other. This meant that one department didn’t know what another department was actually doing. From 1934 until 1939, Groves had taken a great deal of personal time to study the German Nazi bureaucracy quite well, and had realized just how effectively it worked to keep the flow of information to the German civil servants very limited. It is quite surprising how many officers of the U.S. military, like Groves, personally endorsed the pro-Nazi views of Charles Lindbergh, sympathetic to Hitler, during the years prior to 1941. Groves was a confirmed pragmatist and, after 1942, realized that if he could regulate the specific work done in each subsection of the Manhattan Project to ensure that no subsection knew what another subsection was doing, he could securely manage the composition output of the overall project. Essentially, Groves was a hypocrite, a walking contradiction, personally believing in Nazi fascism, but following orders to deliver an atomic bomb. As long as each of his Manhattan Project subsections completed its objective, as an integral component of the whole atomic bomb, the project was securely engaged. I have no idea if Groves realized, or even surmised, what the Nazis were actually planning as their “final solution,” which incorporated the Holocaust. Yet, the long-term success of the Nazi final solution was due to the effective working of the Nazi bureaucracy, the thousands of German civil servants (who were not members of the Nazi Party) who performed the paperwork, construction, and transportation needed for the disposition of the millions of Jews who were murdered in the death camps. The Nazis compartmentalized all of their bureaucratic operations that were necessary for the completion and operation of the austere final solution.

So let’s depict a believable scenario for the creation and orchestration of an underhanded federal conspiracy in the convoluted bureaucracies of the U.S. government, a conspiracy to kill a lot of innocent people in order to successfully create the public perception of an attack on the American nation and to successfully blame the attack on an unwitting scapegoat in order to perpetuate an endless military and paramilitary “war” against that scapegoat. Let’s say that the director of the Council on Foreign Relation, a federal quasi-governmental bureaucracy within itself, organized to determine U.S. foreign policy, which maintains a large staff of federal employees hired by the U.S. military, the CIA, the NSA, the DIA, and the FBI in fifteen different locations in the USA and around the world, calls an organizational meeting with the presiding CFR CIA section-chief about a proposed operation. The CFR Director instructs the CIA section-chief that he, or she, is to plan, within a two-year timeframe, for the complete destruction of three large skyscrapers in New York City, and that the blame for the destruction is to be placed on Muslim terrorists. The political object of this Machiavellian machination would be the eventual control, by federal government privateers, of Middle-Eastern oil and the expanded social, economic, and political control over the American people in furtherance of one-world government and the United Nations Agenda 21.

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The CIA section chief responds to the CFR Director with a dutiful aye, aye, sir, and immediately calls a secret meeting of all the integral federal officers who will be responsible for key parts of the overall conspiracy. One of these individuals is the main CIA liaison with federal contractors in top-secret aircraft construction projects. Now remember that CIA sections and subsections are isolated from each other on a need-to-know basis. So this liaison officer is told by the CIA section chief to arrange for the top-secret construction of two jet drones the size and shape of Boeing 767 commercial jet airliners, and for specialized avionic guidance systems for each of the drones, over a period of two years. Then the section chief instructs another person at the meeting, the CIA liaison officer with NIST (the National Institute of Standards and Technology), to arrange for the two tallest skyscrapers in New York City, and a third smaller 47-story building, to be secretly prepped, over a two-year period, with military-grade nano-thermite for remote controlled demolition. This particular long-term conspiracy, and its component operations, will be tacitly confirmed and approved by the new incoming neoconservative Republican presidential administration in January 2000, which will be allowed, through a manipulated presidential election, to assume the federal Executive branch. The new presidential administration, under the actual direction of the vice-president, will covertly fall in-line with the orders given by the Council on Foreign Relations. Since all funding for the component parts of the conspiracy will be provided through accounts managed and controlled by the Council on Foreign Relations and secret accounts held by CIA/NSA/DIA owned corporate interests (the CIA, NSA, and DIA own and operate their own corporations around the world), no federal tax appropriations from Congress will be utilized in the operations of the conspiracy. The federal aircraft contractors who will build the jet drones within the two-year timeframe will use “apparent funds” that will be promised to the contacting companies by the CIA liaison, but will never actually be received by the contractors. In other words, the contractors will unknowingly use their own funding to build the drones expecting reimbursement payment by the federal government, which will actually never come. The top-secret, highly classified, arrangements were to be routinely accepted by the contracting companies because such arrangements were standard operating procedures and had been established and used on many previous contracts made through the CIA.

Does this detailed scenario sound strangely familiar, much like something that really happened sixteen years ago, which was actually blamed by the U.S. government on Islamic terrorists; such as 9/11? Well, that’s exactly what I have described! Except, it’s not at all what the federal government said it was in its mythic book of fiction published in 2004, the “Report of the 9/11 Commission.” Hence, let me continue with the unfolding scenario. Two years come and go, and the WTC Twin Towers are prepped for controlled demolition by work crews during day and nighttime hours, during times when the Towers were “supposedly” undergoing elevator repairs and were essentially vacant. Another skyscraper, the Solomon Building, or Building 7, was also covertly prepped with explosives. Building 7 was to be the control-point for operations on 9/11, since the CIA had operational offices in the Solomon Building.

Now the logistical methodology for making the American public think, and perceive, that the commercial Boeing 767 airliners, American Airlines Flight 11, United Airlines Flight 175, and American Airlines Flight 77, Boeing 757, supposedly hijacked by Islamic terrorists, crashed into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon on the morning of 9/11, making them totally collapse in a manner identical to controlled demolition, was tragically diabolical and ruthless, but, nonetheless, pragmatically efficient. You see, the American Airline flights that “supposedly” crashed into Towers 1 and 2, and the into the Pentagon, were actual flights that met that their doom elsewhere in the USA at prearranged times when the empty and windowless jet drones, almost identical to Boeing 767s, were flown into the Towers by remote control. United Airlines Flight 93, a real Boeing 757, was actually flown to some undisclosed location, landed, and the passengers killed, murdered. Remember the alleged crash of Flight 93 into a field near Somerset, Pennsylvania on 9/11? No aircraft fuselage or engine component wreckage was recovered from that crash, which was scientifically impossible. Even if a jet aircraft, the size of a Boeing 757, is flown into the ground in a dive from a high altitude, the 10 tons of steel and titanium engine components don’t just vaporize. A great deal of wreckage would remain. It takes a fire and heat of over 2,300 degrees to melt steel and titanium, and much greater heat than that to vaporize such a large amount of such metal. Kerosene jet fuel will only produce a fire with a temperature of less that 800 degrees. The federal government used some other high-detonation weapon to create that large hole in the ground.

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Furthermore, the alleged cell phone messages sent and received by the alleged passengers, supposedly depicting hijacking scenarios, were cleverly contrived by the conspirators to appear real and genuine to the American public. The conspirators had enough time and technological resources to make this subterfuge believably happen. In order to tie-up all of the lose-ends of the conspiracy, all of the numerous federal contractors and employees who had specific knowledge of the plans and details of the secretly constructed drones, and who played any other unwitting part in the planning of the conspiracy over the two year period, were individually scheduled, ticketed, and assembled, in mass, on one of those four rerouted commercial flights, and murdered at an undisclosed location where the aircraft was flown during the daytime hours on 9/11. The pragmatic murders of all of the unfortunate passengers on those airliners were committed by paramilitary agents of the U.S. government at undisclosed locations, and their bodies were immediately incinerated.

Yet, not even the most intricately planned conspiracy unfolds without, at least, one, or more, noticeable flaws. On September 11, 2001, a fast arriving CNN news crew responded to the alleged crash of American Airlines Flight 77 into the Pentagon wall. The original video news clip of the CNN reporter appeared on national television in front of the Pentagon wall where, supposedly, the large Boeing 757 had flown into the wall at 400 miles per hour. The reporter was clearly puzzled by the obvious fact, shown in the video, that “there appeared to be no evidence of an airliner crashing into the wall.” The grassy ground in front of the wall was totally undisturbed, and federal workers were seen in the background carrying away small pieces of what looked like some other type of smaller aircraft fuselage. Then the CNN broadcast was suddenly cut from view, disappeared, and its content not mentioned again by CNN or any other news affiliate. This was the first publicly viewed flaw. Thank God that the short-lived news-clip was recorded on DVRs around the nation and later made into a U-tube video on the Internet. The second flaw was the mainstream media’s federally manipulated failed attempt to persuade the many scientifically-minded American people watching the collapses of the WTC Twin Towers on national television that the crashes of the jet drones flown into the steel super-structures, and the ensuing fires, caused the two super-towers to collapse into their tracks at free-fall speed in a manner identical to controlled demolition. The third flaw comprised the lies publicly told by federal NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) on, and after, 9/11 that the many reports of the 9/11 first-responders of loud secondary explosions heard in the minutes preceding the collapse of both Towers, and that large pools of molten steel were seen by the responders after the collapse, were false. You see, secondary explosions, precisely triggered detonations, are always necessary for remote demolition to properly occur with tall buildings, and in order for the super-steel structures to have been collapsed by controlled demolition with the use of secondary explosive detonations, a super heat producing explosive, military-grade nano-thermite, was used to melt the super-steel construction at its various connected stages in order to produce the free-fall collapse that occurred. Moreover, traces of nano-thermite were abundantly discovered in the ash and debris emanating into the air, and onto the ground, from the rubble of the collapsed towers.

The intricacies of the convoluted layers of federal government bureaucracy are so very disparate in their comprehensive construction and maintenance that describing their operation involves massive and morally unreasonable contradiction, contradiction that the reasonable American would find much too unreasonable to accept. The acquired ability of federal agencies, supposedly created and authorized by Congress, to secretly mutate and metastasize into smaller agencies, administrations, and consortiums without the knowledge of Congress, in order to conduct illegal unsanctioned activities, is the primary means to insidious conspiratorial ends. The men and women who publicly speak and act like honest and decent public servants, but secretly go about in dark illicit circles as ravenous wolves, seeking the demise of constitutional government and the American republic, are the key players in these conspiracies. Awful things can happen when misplaced public trust is wrongfully reposed in the faceless people of amorphous federal agencies, who pragmatically and remorselessly pursue conspiratorial agendas to the detriment of the American people. It is not a matter of determining “if” it can be done, but, rather, a matter of ferreting-out, by federal and State law enforcement, how and when it was done, who the murderous conspirators were that did it, and indicting, trying, and convicting those heinous murderers to the executed deaths that they rightfully deserve.


by Norton Nowlin