Hacking Tutorials – Red Team lesson002 |Overview of Ethical Hacking part01 | {VIDEO}

Hacking Tutorials is a step by step videos that explains various hacking techniques. SecureNinja’s Red Team Hacking will teach you the skills, techniques and proven methodology of how to setup and be a Red Team Member. Red Team Hacking by name infers that it is 100% offensive, and that is just what you will learn during this comprehensive and fun-filled course which will show you how to break into and exploit systems.

This videos presents tried and tested tutorials for beginners to advance looking for a way into the hacking universe. This videos shows you the easiest, most direct ways to safely perform a given hack, how it works, and most importantly how to protect yourself against them.

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Hacking is very interesting and always very attractive. You really know how many people want to become a hacker.They read books, attend seminar, training,they search hacking tutorials,tips and tricks on google and youtube to learn “How To Become A Hacker!” Hacking is not wholly illegal. Basically, there are two types of hacker:first is black-hat hacker and second is white-hat hacker or ethical computer hacker.hacking is a process and its take time.great hackers uses basics and focus on it.

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SecureNinja’s exclusive Red Team Hacking was created by Chief Security Architect Kevin Cardwell and is based on his experiences as a Red Team member for 14 years and as the leader of a Red Team for 6 years. During Kevin’s tenure, his teams achieved a 100% success rate at compromising systems.

You will learn the step-by-step effective and accepted methodology used by many Red Teams around the world.

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  1. This is going to probably make me sound like a total wanker but is it ever too late to become a red team hacker? I have always been interested in ethical hacking, either offensive or defensive. Admittedly I have ZERO experience but I've been told by a few clients that this is an amazing field and women, especially, are wanted in these positions. I don't have money to go to school so I'm wondering how much can be learned online and how much prior knowledge of programming is neceaasry.

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