Quantum Jumping Guided Meditation: Enter a PARALLEL REALITY & Manifest FAST! (Law Of Attraction) | Video

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In this law of attraction meditation, I will walk you through the quantum field of infinite possibilities with your infinite mind to manifest an alternate reality of your choosing FAST. When you use the power of your mind and your consciousness, you gain access to different dimensions where reality can adjust to what you want. This guided process is extremely powerful and will take you on an out of body journey to experience manifestation in a very different way. Quantum jump into a hidden dimension full of every possibility available just for you! #LawofAttraction #TheSecret #Quantum

To understand more about quantum jumping, watch this first ➡ How to JUMP Into An ALTERNATE REALITY!

Manifestation Meditation by Your Youniverse – Music: “Hypnotica” by Christopher Lloyd Clarke. Licensed by Enlightened Audio. This meditation is combined with a theta music track to induce deep relaxation. Do not drive or operate heavy machinery while using this meditation. Please see the disclaimers below.
Disclaimer – Please read:
If you meet any of the following conditions, whether knowingly or not, you should not use this product without first consulting with a physician: Epileptics, Pregnant women, Individuals prone to seizures, Individuals under the influence of medication or drugs.
Our music is provided not to be used by anyone while under the influence of alcohol or any other mood altering substances, whether they are legal or illegal. We recommend drinking a glass of water before enjoying each session as tests have shown it can help prevent any discomfort.
Keep in mind that although our music has been designed to contribute to your general wellness, it is not meant to replace any medical or psychological treatment or consultation. If you have a serious medical condition, please consult with your medical doctor immediately.

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  1. Can anyone say this has completely transformed their life I'm wondering if its hocus pocus B.S.?. I see a lot of positive love sent out to others but no confirmations on this subject I'm new to this idea and need answers.

  2. tbh this didn’t work for me the way i wanted but it did get me really relaxed and it might have worked better if i was tired n it was at night

  3. I AM Winning Lottery I AM
    I AM Positive Chi Energy I AM
    I AM Prosperous I AM
    I AM Wealthy I AM
    I AM Loving My Children Family I AM
    I AM Happy I AM
    I AM Healthy I AM
    I AM Abundance I AM

  4. WOW !! How wonderful this quantum jumping meditation video was!! Just an amazing adventure I haven’t experienced before in any “basic” form of meditation I’ve done up to this point… And I want more! My conscious is telling me that this is what I’ve been looking for. I really do feel like a new and different person, and this gives me a whole new perspective on my life. Thank you!

  5. i went into that room and i saw so many things. everything but myself. one was me, but cis. another was also me, but comfortable in a female body. the rest were all fantasy or animals. it’s made me realize just how hard i disconnect from my own body and don’t believe i should be in this one.

  6. I’m getting so irritated bc when I close my eyes my eyelids keep twitching and my eyes keep moving and I can’t Relax them but my whole body is relaxed 😂 smh

  7. Shortly after I started this meditation, my chronic pain started acting up. After I left my vehicle I, could still feel it acting up. I found what I thought was my perfect vehicle, but when I went inside I could still feel pain, even though NOT FEELING PAIN was one of its features. I left it and went back through the window and into my old vehicle. Did I do something wrong, or did I just not succeed today?

  8. I haven’t meditated in a few weeks and decided to do so today. I’ve stumbled upon this and decided to give it a try because it stood out to me. At first I was like ugh 26 minutes? I’ll do half and the rest later. When I was fully immersed in my meditation I lost all concepts of time. When she counted to 3 and I opened my eyes I sat there for a few seconds and could not believe that time had passed that fast. I had to double check the time. I haven’t experienced nothing like this… it’s beautiful!

  9. I did this and when I ended, I felt different although I could only do half. I was finished at the halfway of the video.

  10. I fell asleep but then woke up in the middle of the night and felt something heavy above me, then i heard myself laughing and saw a quick flashback of my life. I still dont know if it was a dream or something else

  11. I was in my mind doubting this, but then I was there and saw myself. I realized my desired vehicle was my own body and the only difference was it was full of happiness and energy. It really opened my eyes and I thank you!

  12. Ive had a meditation, out of body expirence before. Trying this…i got 20-30 feet into the tunnel and had acrubber band feeling, somthing pulling me back…idk if my subconsuos is holding me back in fear of what i saw before…which was emptiness, not darkness. I could see my self. But nothing else was there. Nothing

  13. Ok, so this will be lengthy and kind of a question in regards to dreams. I dream about events that are simple and not important, but later down the line I say the sentence I said in my dream and it all comes back to me. Is this related somehow?

    I also asked a question about what happens to the body with quantum jumping and what the other body's do without "me" and I had a thought..

    I sometimes dream about doing things, most recently I was fighting somthing in a place not familiar and I was using abilities like second nature. I could feel everything like I was there. I spoke with people that knew me and I them.

    I think I realised there arnt more "me's" but we are one and the same. I didn't take control over me I was me. I knew I was me as am I am here but I was wherever there was. Is this way of thinking correct? Sorry if I'm sporadic, my hands are still shaking. How do I stay "there"? I woke up here like always :/

    P.s I know this sounds crazy

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