Religion – the Great Curse of Mankind

Religion is a curse forced on mankind by control-freak criminals.

Man has no real use for religion. It is not a tool for peace but a tool used by the worst kind of mind criminals to subdue, exploit and control masses of people. Through the ages religion has brought about separation- -not communion and love; war- -not peace; forced servility- -not liberty. Religion caused alienation, separation and persecution of classes and races of people.

Religion separates members of the same family, neighbors, people from the same town, people of different towns, regions and nations.

Religion has caused the most brutal kind of persecutions, murder of individuals and masses of people, torture, cruel ostracization, individual and mass hatred, and generally extreme unhappiness. You name anything bad; religion has been found guilty of it.

Religions, like all other sorts of ideology, are related in scheme and execution.

God hates religion and religious expressions. These buy god nothing; and it buys religious people nothing. Religious expressions are expressions of ignorant cowardly people. It expresses itself through cowardice and fear. God wants honesty and courage- -not feigned obedience and true revelation of one’s inner self. God wants to restore communion, but this restoration of communion must come from soul and not from god.

Other kinds of religion, but never recognized as such, are adoration of government, adoration and subjection to constitutions, institutions and the corporate structure, racial and specie identification, and last but not least, the love of money. All these categories show criminal inclination through mass-controlled and invoked malevolent expressions.

Religion is really non-communication between people and god. The god of the universe does not recognize anyone in love but as mere slaves. He is the one who captured us. He may be responsible for our physical forms and operation but he did not create our souls. He just uses our souls.

Even the god of all true spirit cannot recognize us because we are out of communion with him through the belief in a lie about him. As long as souls/humans continue to believe that they can have communion with the true god while holding a lie about him in their hearts this god does not even know you.

The entire universe, every creature and all relationships in the universe are based on lies believed. The universe is fiction and it constitutes a spiritual, virtual mental dream. This is so because all we know, believe and accept as truth is based on deceitful spiritual and physical sorts of propaganda. In truth lies cannot exist and liars cannot be rewarded. In the physical realm the only thing that brings reward are clever schemes of lies perpetrated on others.

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There is no truth in the physical realm. If the physical realm cannot contain truth it must be fiction. In fiction any type of lower forms of fictions are permitted and truth must be shut out. If truth would not be cleverly shut out the fictional universe would disappear.

As long as you do not agree or understand this fact you remain a non-entity to god. This is not due to any ideas or actions of god but due to beliefs held in soul and in our human hearts that are untrue.

We may claim that our hearts are pure but your spiritual and physical indoctrinations make you willing slaves to the enemies of the true god and yourself. The true God only recognizes free spirits and free thoughts. Thoughts induced or modified by religion, government, ideologies and in spirit make you your own worst enemy.

Your purpose on earth is to recognize that you fear the true god because you come before him with unclean hands and minds. Once you know you are spiritually unclean you can repent in spirit. Repentance and baptism in the sense of human understanding (according to John the Baptist’s standard) is a spiritually useless action. Not the human creature but the soul must repent.

All the true God wants is for you to recognize the liar in spirit (the generally recognized Great Spirit or god of the universe is that spiritual liar) and the lie he told your soul that you believed; and to, then, repent of these and make amends. Standing before the true god in that fashion can have no other outcome but to be enfolded in his love and perpetual truth because then you are a true son of the true god.

This does not take one iota of religiousness or togetherness. It takes purely, individual courage, spiritual humility and repentance. Once all these things have been accomplished you cannot find any greater friends than in this true god and this false god; because behind the scenes they work together (like man and wife) to create new sons of god.

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One of the criteria to be a son of god is that you recognize lies and desist from believing lies. Religion is utterly devoid in accomplishing this because it feeds you lies and makes you comfortable in holding these false believe systems in your heart.

To be seen by the true god you must stand alone (you cannot rely on anyone) and you cannot be influenced by anyone. Interference form any physical quarter in trying to find your self back in spirit will only cause you to be deceived more.

Once you understand your spiritual crime (not a physical sin or crime) you know that you have only one master, teacher, friend and loving god and he will embrace you always. He is in true spirit and does not exist, know or control the universe.

The ultimate god is real because no one can make that god a liar. What he says is truth. If you differ with him on anything you are kicked out of reality by your own wrong belief. You have made yourself unreal because you made the true god a liar in your heart.

Your false god can be any religiously recognized god, an ideology, a certain kind of government (like democracy or communism), racial superiority, anything you hold in your heart to be more important and valuable than the love in truth of the true god. He is false because you can make him to be anything you believe. You can only know the true god. How can you know him? By recognizing him from before you believed him to be a liar.

So, you are either utterly alone in courage or utter together with the other cowardly outcasts from reality by expressing a sense of physical self-worth and importance to the physical universe.

You can see that all graduates of higher learning are barred from repenting and from the spirit of truth. These people have tied themselves (status-wise and financially) too much to physical believe systems. They falsely believe that their learning gives them rewards in hell while they continue to remain enemies of the god of true reality. They like fiction better than truth because they are too strongly tied to their own physical nature and the physical environment.


Source by Hans VanKrieken