Rhetoric, Lies, Strategy, Coincidence, Or Conspiracy?

When both sides of a political battle, appear, unwilling or unable, to seek any meeting, of the minds, for the common good, judgment and wisdom, are often replaced, with complaining and blaming, making over – statements (which are often, far from truthful), or an accused individual, proclaiming his innocence, by, either, claiming its a coincidence, conspiracy, his opponent’s strategy, or that, everyone who disagrees, with him, is lying. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, review, examine and discuss, how, rhetoric, lies, strategies, conspiracy theories, and/ or, claims of things, being coincidences, often, pop – up. Since most observers, agree, we are presently in somewhat, unchartered waters, in terms of the levels of apparent lies, and mis – deeds, as well as the use of empty rhetoric (often filled with vitriol), or proclamations of innocence, by stating, everyone else, must be lying (instead of him)!

1. Rhetoric: Politics has always been, a game of empty rhetoric, and/ or, over – statements, but, we have never before, in recent history, witnessed anything like, what we are presently witnessing. President Donald Trump, whether one approves or disagrees with him, must be considered, one of the masters of using rhetoric, and slogans, to drive – home, his message, and, many believe, as the professional, fact – checkers state, Trump has lied, in record – setting numbers, estimated to be, at a rate of over six times, per day. His slogans, such as Make America Great Again, and, America First, often have been articulated, without a clear plan. He uses these as tools, to inspire and motivate his core supporters, but opponents believe, they are self – serving, and part of his personal/ political agenda, and self – interest. As many of his apparent conflicts, have come into focus, he blames others, such as the Press, the FBI, and/ or specific individuals.

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2. Lies: If it looks like a lie, sounds untrue, and many checkers, introduce, information, which demonstrates, someone is lying, they probably are! However, knowing someone lies, and proving it, using due process, are different entities.

3. Strategy: When one’s strategy appears to be, creating confusion, and skewing focus, etc, and declaring, his opponents, will do anything, to oppose him, it sounds and looks like paranoia, and, maybe is. However, in the case of the present, President, he continues to justify his deeds, by saying, he’s the smartest person, in the room!

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4. Coincidence: After less than two years in office, Trump’s administration, has had more resignations, indictments, and investigations, than any of his predecessors. His response is, calling everything, a witch hunt, denying no evil – doings, etc, and declaring, what many others, feel, demonstrates, clearly, he is guilty, is merely, coincidence. However, I agree with the star of NCIS, whose character, Leon Jethro Gibbs, declares, which is, there is no such thing, as coincidence!

5. Conspiracy: Many of the Chief Executive’s core supporters, as well as the rhetoric, he articulates, articulate points – of – view, based on conspiracy theories, etc. Shouldn’t decisions be made, based on fully considering options and alteratives, seeking viable solutions, thorough planning, etc, instead of, accepting any concept, merely because it serves ones personal perspective?

Our nation will never progress forward, in a relevant, sustainable manner, until/ unless, focus, and decisions are based on truth, and we no longer, accept political lying, and/ or self – serving! Wake up America, and carefully choose your leaders!


by Richard Brody