Social Media For Business – Who is Your Best Friend on Facebook?

Facebook was in Time Magazine May 2010. It got the cover and a juicy, long article. The writer discusses the ah-ha moment when you first login and become a member. Facebook knows that moment and has even timed it when proverbial light bulb switches “on” and you’re hooked.

But what happens after you’ve been on Facebook a while and you now have a Fan Page? Do you know what makes someone your best friend, advocate, and connection on Facebook? Let me use the example of “Sally” (a fictionalized person) to demonstrate behaviors that signal you’ve found a BFF on Facebook.

You met Sally two years ago when you were in Denver for a business conference. You exchanged business cards and have stayed in touch via email. When you joined Facebook and gave Facebook access to your address book Sally came up and you friended her.

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Sally knows everyone and has a group of 795 friends on Facebook. When you read your feed you see that Sally posts something on her “Wall” everyday. Every day you turn on your computer and you see Sally is there! Sally not only posts, but she sends birthday greetings too (Wasn’t it nice to hear from her this year?).

When you post on Facebook, Sally is frequently comments, “likes” a photo or link you’ve posted and shares it with her friends. When you started your Fan Page and sent out the suggestion to your friends that they “Like” your page, Sally was one of the first to respond; she not only liked your page, she wrote on the wall, got on the discussion tab and started a discussion.

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Your best friend on Facebook may not be the person you shop with, or your college dorm mate, or your spouse. Your best friends are the people like Sally, who actively use Facebook to share business posts and virally spread the word beyond their group of friends.

So, when you want to identify your next BFF on Facebook, watch who is commenting on and sharing your posts and participating on your Fan Page. What is the perfect thank you gift-return the favor! Show your appreciation with a post that says “thank you” on your best friend’s wall and be active on their Fan Page. Sally is using the features that multiply business messages across groups of people in Facebook and you can too!


by Vanessa Wood