Super Mario Galaxy Hacking Tutorial Part 1: Custom Models | Video

This is Part 1 of SMG Hacking tutorial where we take a look at how to make custom galaxies

The tools:



The new Whitehole 1.5.1:!dmhSmAIS!9sJegoTrH6d9lHtkEP3ri8aS-Rf6EwUp04o420XYw5k

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  1. Ok, so I did every step correctly but it still appears as a blue cube (also my whitehole completely freezes and sometimes it appears a black screen at the preview area). Is it possible that it's due to the version of blender I use that the objects is like broken? 'Cause I'm using the new update, but you used the older version in the tutorial

  2. my custom model doesn't working in Island Fleet Galaxy and doesn't appear in game yet I followed all the steps please AlexSMG Answer me as soon as possible to make it work

  3. I always wanted to modify SMG2 but whitehole only loads every 10 hours so i guess i need a new pc.

    Fantastic Tutorial Though.

  4. I'm fairly new to Galaxy Hacking, so this is a great help, thank you!
    Do you take suggestions on Mario Galaxy Hacking tutorials? It would be awesome if you made a step-by-step tutorial on how to make custom text in Mario Galaxy 1. This mystery has been plaguing me and my friends for the past few weeks.

    My friends and I are working on a ROM hack of SMG1, and we wanted to use our own text, but there's literally only ONE video on the entire internet that shows the use of custom text in Galaxy 1, being a video from Galaxy Hacker (

    . It doesn't specify how he is able to alter the text, it just says in the description "It can only be edited with a hex editor, where you can only replace characters and not add or remove.

    My friends and I tried every loophole imagineable to get this to work. Nothing worked. We have the BMG file with all of the text, but we're not sure what to do next. Sorry for the long message, but like I said, if you're looking for video tutorial ideas, solving the mysterious text editing mystery would be very beneficial! Thanks for reading!

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