Super Mario World Hacking Tutorials – Custom Title/Intro | Video

This tutorial will teach you how to make you own custom movements and background in the Super Mario World Title/Intro.

Download HD (no annotations):

Lunar Magic:

01. Open the Super Mario World rom with Lunar Magic (smw.smc)
02. Open Level Number 105 (CTRL + D) (if it is not open already)
03. Save Level to File (CTRL + W) (this is used as a back-up)
04. Open Level Number C7 & edit if desired (CTRL + D)
05. Save Level to Rom as 105 (CTRL + I)
06. Open the Overworld Editor
07. Install Title Moves Recording ASM… (CTRL + R)
08. Run Rom in Emulator (F4) (must use ZSNES)
09. Go to Yoshi’s Island 1 (Level 105)
10. Play a little bit of the level
11. Save State & Exit the Emulator
12. Insert Title Moves Playback ASM & Data… (CTRL + P)
13. Select the state you saved in step #11
14. Uninstall Title Moves Recording ASM… (CTRL + U)
15. Save Level to Rom as C7 (CTRL + I)
16. Open Level Number 105 (CTRL + D)
17. Open Level from File… (open level 105 that we saved earlier)
18. Save Level to Rom (CTRL + S)
19. Enjoy your new custom title!

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Steps in a text file here:

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  1. I have an easier way:
    Save as level 108 (the slope test unused level if you dont know what it is)
    Open Overworld editor
    Change either Yoshi's Island 1 or 2 to level 108
    Do the thing in ZSNES
    Change the level back to the original level in overworld

  2. Do you think nintendo would expect their fans to edit their hard worked creation into a fresh new game using their game as a baseplate, with people enjoying the final product?

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