The Chariot Tarot Card and the Power of Our Intentions

The Chariot tarot card is the card of triumph, conquest and victory. When it appears in a tarot spread we often can expect a great deal of movement in our lives. In certain circumstances, the Chariot can indicate challenges or obstacles that will require us to rise to the occasion and face the adversity that stands between us and our objectives.

In order for us to manifest our goals, there first must always be energy or momentum behind our ideas. The Chariot Tarot Card symbolically represents the need for us to harness our instinctual drives and appropriately redirect this energy. This is, in fact, a call to put our intentions to work. In tarot readings, the Chariot reminds us to focus our energy and use it to our advantage.

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The Chariot Tarot Card often requires us to also be introspective. In order for us to manifest our goals, we must also set a game plan. The power of intention comes from stepping back and seeing things for what they really are. This includes examining any negative beliefs we have about ourselves or our circumstances. The greatest obstacle for success is always a lack of faith in ourselves. Defining our goals and finding the confidence to achieve them is an essential part of the process.

If the Chariot were an actual person, he would not be plagued by low self-esteem or fear of failure. On the contrary, he would a confident, assertive and, perhaps, an aggressive individual determined to carve his own path in the world. He would be an individual who uses his intentions as a source of motivation and power.Whenever the Chariot turns up in a tarot reading, we can expect an opportunity where we will be required to find your inner courage and assertiveness. However, do not expect it to come from the raw energy of our instincts or gut reactions. On the contrary, our ability to triumph and create the life we want will come from our capacity to use our energy wisely, with careful observation and strategic assessments.

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by Carolyn Naiman