Boosting Your Emotional Resilience While Bringing In More Abundance Through Magick

When you get to that point in your life where you want to take things to another level – you realize that there are several things you need to reach the next stage of prosperity.

One of those things is having the emotional strength and ability to take on stress on a consistent basis so that you can handle new challenges and life situations that will help push you to the next level.

Gaining more prosperity and more life responsibilities isn’t just about having more money or bringing in a larger paycheck – we’re talking about pushing you up in what you can handle emotionally as well.

That just means that you can take more stressful situations and all that comes with having a higher abundance lifestyle – including the work stress, the people you have to be around, and the new responsibilities you have to take on.

Money doesn’t just come without a bit of extra work – and the emotional aspect is what a lot of people kind of forget about.

If you can’t easily take stress then you might have a problem being in tense environments where you have to work with others to solve problems that get you a higher income – and that’s how it’s always been with increasing your income.

It doesn’t just happen without a bit of work, and the work ethic has to be rock solid before you can move forward. If you can’t work in a way that brings you greater opportunities and better work conditions, then you won’t be able to get ahead – period.

That’s what most people don’t see, and it’s a bad situation when people misjudge the life they want and figure out too late that the income they want has a higher level of stress that they just can’t handle – and they end up very sad because handling that amount of stress is just about the only way to get to that next level.

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It’s like a little challenge we all have to face – and some get it earlier than others.

Once you are able to handle more stress, and manage your emotions more effectively – you will be able to take yourself to new challenges that can bring you more income over time.

We’re not talking about anything too outrageous here – all we have to do is build up our emotional resilience over time so that we can handle bigger and better lifestyles as we earn them – and a few spirits can help us with this…

Raahel – Guides you to understand what it takes to bring yourself to the next level in whatever your career or vocation is so that you can take all the needed steps to reach that new level; causes you to understand what it takes to handle that position.

Ophiel (Olympic spirit) – Enables you to fully understand what it takes to handle a career or work position that requires greater effort, responsibility and emotional strength; you just know what it takes and develop yourself so that you can handle it.

In the same way that you need to understand what it takes to finish high school – you have to know what it takes to bring yourself into a higher position of pay and work responsibility.

We don’t often think of grade school as a place that you have to pass and make it to the next level – but if you mess up and can’t handle the work at school, they don’t let you go to the next level, and that is something you have to figure out for yourself in the work place.

If you don’t understand that greater positions of power and money come with greater stress and responsibility – you just won’t be able to ascend very easily, and that just isn’t a situation you remotely want to be in.

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When you want to be better you just can’t settle for minimum effort – that’s what lazy people do and they never win, and they’re definitely not the ones that make more money over time – they just stay where they are and don’t go anywhere, and that’s not a good thing at all.

We have to avoid that, and another spirit can help guide us to exactly where we need to be with our careers and lives in general…

Dantalion – Guides you to see and understand exactly what you need to do to get to the next level in work and career life; you are guided to build yourself up so that you can reach the next stage, preparing yourself emotionally and mentally for what’s coming ahead.

The side effect of this entire process is that you end up understanding yourself more, and through that you finally understand what you want out of your career and life in general.

It’s not a small moment – we all have these deep periods of reflecting and knowing we need to push ourselves, but sometimes we just don’t know what we need to do in order to get to that level – and that’s how our spirit friends can help us out.

We’re doing all we can do get what we want, and since we know our goal is perfectly within reach – the spirits just give a little direction and we know exactly what to do thereafter.

These types of situations can play out in different ways, and without spirit help you risk taking much longer – if you even achieve that higher level at all – so you know without a doubt that having the perfect guidance to show you exactly what you want is what you need to take you to where you need to be.


by Donald B. Johnson