The Filth of Fiction and Lies That Kill Spirituality

My life while spent in spiritual awareness and a link to the Great Spirit of the Universe is the result of reincarnation and direction shown me between lives. My return alerted me to the falsehoods people accept and believe in and the failure by most to grow in the Spirit and reject the world. Religions are first and foremost in this as they are from dreams juxtaposed on vulnerable minds and enhanced into modern faiths.

The Spirit cannot be in the presence of lies, no matter their source. That is why the feeling of filth and disconnect comes over me when exposed to them. This is, in fact, power to discern what is genuine from the fiction that pervades the world.

People are attracted to entertainment in the form of movies, music, concerts, and such that are big draw cards. Now we also have drugs on top of alcohol and other things that allow them to escape their circumstances and temporarily feel good about themselves.

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What they are really doing, however, is achieving a high followed by a low that becomes more extreme each time. That is why they become so hooked on their addiction the body starts to break down. To repair it requires extreme pain and withdrawal. Meanwhile they have lost all spiritual connection.

Despair and pain leads people to depression and even suicide, which is becoming more common. Countries in the grip of dictators and leaders who see things like war and torture as good are also into environmental destruction. People tend to ignore the evidence before their eyes because they are tuned out of common sense issues.

The earth is in its death throes as resources dwindle and panic sets in. While answers to fix these things escape us the bottom line is that the Spirit is so disrupted and angry with the evil practiced that it is destroying the world.

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As we are driven rapidly towards the end man's ways are little changed. From the beginning of civilization nothing has altered. Human do exactly the same because they are programmed. It is only those who are strong spiritually that can see the folly and come away from it. They are separate and serving a different agenda than following fiction and lies.

What is fiction and why is it so appealing? To begin with it is a drug that shows life in make-believe ways. It is mind-bending and opposes reality. Parents feed it to their children either through religious enforcement, fairy tales, and other things and societies accept it as normal. It is not normal, however, and the state of the world is the result of believing otherwise. It also causes diseases and stress for which science has no answers.


Source by Norma Holt