The Effect of Our Thoughts and Spirituality on Our Lives: Positive Energy

(For weeks now, I have been having this nagging thought to write this article, so here I am)

How our thoughts affect our daily life and our entire future?

You put your life together one day at a time and for this reason every thought that you act on has to be good, legal and spiritual. You have hundreds and if not thousands of thoughts each day of your life and some thoughts are good and some thoughts may negative, wrong or even illegal. Some thoughts are reoccurring thoughts and these thoughts demand your attention whether you like it or not. Some thoughts are fleeing thoughts that enter your mind and leaves without any consequences. Our parents and our community at-large shape our thoughts in our earlier years. Our parents teach us at early age that we are not to do anything that is wrong or illegal if we were lucky to have good parents.

As young adults, we have to monitor our thoughts very carefully not to do anything that is illegal or wrong, which could ruin our lives. It only takes one stupid, illegal and wrong thought to ruin your life at any age. Any stupid thought that is acted upon regardless of what age a person is can totally destroy one's life. There are many intelligent people in prison because of stupidity. These individuals took chances in doing something that they knew was wrong and illegal but they believed that they could get away with it. I don't care even if it is driving over the speed limit when you know that it is illegal and wrong and you to do it anyways, it will always backfire on you. We need to monitor our thoughts 24/7 every day of our lives very carefully as to not act on any thoughts that are wrong, stupid or illegal it we want to live a good and peaceful life.

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The effect of our spirituality on our lives: The rewards of a spiritual life

Most people never think of how much their spirituality affect their daily existence and their life in general. From the day that we are born, our spirituality shapes our lives with the help our parents and our community. Our connection to our higher power / our father is the foundation of our existence. We are an extension of love, which is the essence of our being, and after birth this essence is nurtured and shaped by good parenting or stifled by poor parenting and negative community influence. A spiritual life is a life that is guided by the heart. A loving, caring and compassionate personality will always be a happy and successful individual. If you want to live a great life in this world, you need to operate daily from your heart and not from your intellect / ego. If you consistently act on thoughts that are wrong or illegal in order to profit financially, you will not attain success because acting on these thoughts will always backfire.

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The effect that our thoughts and spirituality has on our life energy: Positive or negative energy

To live a spiritual life, one has to make all decisions based on God's laws. If we live our lives according to God's laws, we have nothing to fear because everything will go well. The 10 Commandments is the prescription for a good and enjoyable life. If anyone thinks that this statement is incorrect, then you are a fool. If you follow God's laws, you don't have to worry about man's laws. If our thoughts are positive, loving and caring, our life energy will be positive and spiritual. With God's help anything is possible. Positive thinking will only work with positive, loving and caring thoughts. If you are doing anything that is wrong or illegal, positive thinking will not help you because God will not help you to do anything that is wrong or illegal. You can think positive all you want but if your actions are wrong or illegal, you are going to have problems.

Without the help of God, you are not going achieve happiness. If you think that you are the master of your universe, you are mistaken. We don't control everything in our lives. We do the best that we can with the help of God. Always ask God to help you in anything that you do in life provided that you are doing everything right and legal.


Source by Leo DaRosa