The Secret Ingredient to Hip Hop Rap Beats To Get the Club Rockin’

The last time that you were in a club or at a concert, you might have noticed that there were some hip hop rap beats that really jolted the emotions of the listeners and made them want to get up and get moving. When it comes to success as a DJ or producer, being able to create the grooves or melodies that have this kind of effect on people is a key to becoming an artist that people will remember. However, new Internet recourses have given all aspiring artists access to pro loops,samples and instrumental riffs. This means that you have to be able to take these ideas to the next level in order to demonstrate that you have a secret ingredient to get the club rockin’ that no one else has. Here are a few things that can help you to accomplish this with hip hop rap beats online.

Believe in Yourself and Trust Your Own Ideas

Okay, so perhaps this sounds like a line out of a cheesy Disney movie. However, something that might interest you about Walt Disney himself was that no matter who disliked his work or rejected it, he was always his own biggest fan. For example, he was once fired from a newspaper because it was said that he lacked imagination and creative ideas. What do you think would have happened to him if he had given more weight to that newspaper editor’s opinion of his work than he had to his own faith in himself? In the same way, the secret ingredient here is if you are going to learn how to create the hip hop rap beats online that get the club rockin’, you are going to have to put more faith in your own ideas than in other people’s opinions of your ideas.

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Just look at the master bad boy Eminem and the level of success that he has managed to achieve and to maintain because he has been true to his own ideas instead of giving in to the opinions of others. The same is true for many of the modern masters of keeping the faith such as the legendary rock band “Kiss,” the pioneer of popular electronic music Trent Reznor, and even the masters of long ago such as Ludwig Van Beethoven and Wolfgang Mozart. Following in the footsteps of these Masters by being your own biggest fan, no matter what, will put you on the road to becoming a master yourself.

Drawing Many Ideas from One

Instead of having to use several different hip hop rap beats online or instrumental riffs for one song, simply repeating the same loop throughout the entire song and see how many individual ideas you can draw from one simple idea. This is a secret ingredient that the master composers have been using for centuries and it is something that the use of modern mixing technologies can help you to accomplish with ease. Of course, this might mean that you have to actually spend some times mastering the newer audio production applications such as Logic Studio (used by artists like T-Pain), the Yamaha Motif, the Roland Fantom or MV8800 (used by the RZA) or even Propellerhead Reason (Used by Mix Master Mike of the Beastie Boys).

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Having command over these studio applications will give you more options in translating your original ideas into reality. One secret ingredient that you can use is limiting yourself to one single sample riff to see how many different ways you can transform it using effects such as digital delay, compression, slicing or pitch shifting effects. So take some time to block out the noise and the opinions of the outside world and spend some time cultivating your own hip hop rap beats online. In time you’ll find that the secret ingredient to get the club rockin’ is well within your reach.

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by James Fairlane