The Secret World Angels And Demons Mission Walkthrough

If you are playing The Secret World then you will find the missions tricky as some of them involve actual research! Gone are the days of just being able to grind up to level cap – in fact there ARE no levels in TSW.

The main way that you can make progress through the game is via the missions and your build.

I am going to give you a walkthrough for the Angels and Demons investigation mission which will be given to you in Egypt in The Scorched Desert zone.

The first thing you need to do is find the building with the “Plethron” sign on it – enter this building and find the “Plethron” office and you will find that it is locked.

There is a building that runs parallel to the office building and you need to go up the back steps and jump across the roof.

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You will enter the office through another door on the 2nd floor that is unlocked.

Once you get in the office you will get another mission update that tells you to search for more info on the Plethron.

You should find a dead man in the room and you need to check out his badge which will give you the following info:

Name: H Glass

Position: Field Director

Clearance Level: Gold-Bug

You will also get a password hint which is:

My Surname is common in classic literature and my clearance level is the key.

This is the tough part as you need to research classic novels to get an idea of what this is talking about. It is actually talking about a book called The Gold Bug by Edgar Allen Poe.

You now need to enter gold bug into the computer and it will give you the code 305.

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Next up it will tell you to investigate The Shipping Warehouse.

You just need to pull up the map and you will find this fairly easily.

Now you need to access the surveillance footage and pay attention as you will need to write down the number of beeps that you hear in the footage. You will hear a different tone in the beeps and this will let you know which numbers to press to open the crate.

If you are stuck the code is 2,4,3,5.

Once you have done this you will open the crate and get a special message just for you.

I will let you read this and make of it what you will!

The good news is that you have completed The Angels and Demons Mission in TSW!


Source by Christopher Luke Jones