The Suzanne Somers Diet Plan – Serious Weight Loss Or Hollywood Hype?

Suzanne Somers has parlayed her Hollywood acting career into the fitness and weight loss industry over the past several years now. Her latest entry is the Suzanne Somers diet plan or also called Somersizing. So, how does this weight loss plan stack up?

The Suzanne Somers diet plan is yet another in a long line of low carb high protein diets. Although not as severe as some diet plans of this nature, it still bans many healthy foods as well.

The major theme with this diet plan is food combining and eliminating sugar and white flour as much as possible.

The plan is broken into two levels; level one is the initial starting point and level two is the maintenance plan.

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The Suzanne Somers diet plan encourages you to eat 5-6 smaller meals throughout the day instead of only three. The size of the portions are not as important as to the combing of the foods are.

As with other diets, water consumption is encouraged and any drink containing more than 10 calories is a no-no.

The diet plan includes a wide variety of unique recipes that are interesting at times.

Total calorie intake id limited to no more than 1200 calories a day. This is a starvation diet according to USDA guidelines, but I’ll leave that for you to decide.

Since the diet is low in fiber, constipation may become an issue and needs to be watched. Junk food is eliminated in this diet, which is a good thing.

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Something I found very interesting in the Suzanne Somers diet plan is that exercise is not discussed. This is the same woman who gave us great abs, thighs and even the ButtMaster machine, but her own diet plan fails to address the importance of exercise in maintaining a healthy weight? Rather odd I think.

While you can obtain weight loss with the Suzanne Somers diet plan, as a long term strategy it would be difficult to follow and stick to it. The foods are restrictive and the calorie limits are so low they border on starvation levels. Now where did that Thigh Master go?


by Terry Edwards