The True Story Behind the Demon Featured in "Drag Me to Hell"

Lamia, as she is now called, was once the queen of Libya. In those times she was known both for her beauty and her graciousness. Men from all over would fall at her feet when she walked about. Naturally such a stunning creation was worthy of notice from more than mere man. And who should be the first god to notice? You got it, the one most known for his incredible sexual appetite. None other than the Olympus king, Zeus.

Three days after hearing about the Libyan queen, Zeus descended from Mount Olympus and seduced her. Because Zeus is an extremely virile god it was no surprise she conceived five children from their single encounter. The queen refused to say who the father was, but when they began to develop powers like Zeus’ it became quite apparent.

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The goddess Hera was furious at her husband for going behind her back yet again and sowing his seed in a human woman. She decided on a ghastly punishment both as vengeance on the queen and as a warning to future women tempted to make love to her husband. This is what she did:

  • To ensure none of the half gods could jockey for position in Olympus she cut them up and forced the queen to eat them. As you would expect from such a trauma the queen lost all sanity at this point.
  • Then to make sure no other man (human or god) would ever desire the queen again, Hera caused a flaccid penis to grow on her.
  • Finally, and most cruel of all, Hera then gave Lamia eternal life.
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The end result was an insane monster that craves the taste of human children. And, this is what the Lamia truly is.


by Paul Thurman