How To Stop Having Bad Dreams And Mental Illnesses

The scientific method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung and simplified by me managed to prove to the world the existence of God and Satan and clarify various religious mysteries, besides giving us explanations about the formation of mental illnesses.

We believe that God exaggerates because we are considered to be sinners from the beginning of our existence, even though we didn’t do anything against anyone. We believe that sinners are only those who are betrayers, prostitutes, rapists, murderers, or thieves.

However, the truth is that we are in fact demons with a tiny human conscience. The fact that we will commit sins is obvious, since we are absurd and evil. This is why we are considered to be sinners from birth.

Now that you know that human beings are in fact demons who must become really human thanks to a deep process of transformation, you can understand that your dreams usually are bad, dangerous, and unpleasant because they reflect your absurdity.

You have bad dreams in order to stop being indifferent to the dangers that are threatening your mental stability.

You have to understand how absurd and evil you are in order to you stop making mistakes and become a better person.

You cannot stop having bad dreams without understanding their messages and changing your attitude.

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When you will stop making mistakes, you will stop having nightmares.

Every dream gives you many different messages, but the main meaning of every bad dream is the fact that you are making dangerous mistakes and you must be alarmed.

God sends you bad dreams to make you stop being indifferent to your mental health and your future.

The fact that you have inherited a satanic anti-conscience is a tragedy that marks your life with the main necessity to eliminate your evil self. You cannot be indifferent to this necessity.

You must be only the human being contained into your human conscience, which was created by God thanks to the development of one and a half of your psychological functions based on human standards.

You believe that you are the demon that lives in your brain because you cannot see the difference between its thoughts and the thoughts that come from your human conscience. However, this demon works against you because it wants to destroy your human side. It pretends to help you have advantages in life, whereas it makes you have the wrong attitude and make numerous mistakes.

Bad dreams show you these mistakes in order to help you stop doing what is bad for you. These dreams have a very unpleasant effect because you must differentiate yourself from the demon and disagree with its absurd and evil suggestions.

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Therefore, instead of trying to stop having bad dreams without understanding their messages, you must translate their meaning according to the scientific method of dream interpretation and follow God’s guidance.

Now that the satanic origin of the human conscience was discovered you cannot be indifferent to the dangers that are threatening your mental stability and your life.

Now you must take the existence of your anti-conscience into consideration and always remember that you are induced to be evil, what is very bad for you.

You may seem to be able to do what you want in the beginning of your attempts, but you cannot be absurd and cause abnormalities in your environment without facing the consequences of your mistakes at a certain point, in a way or another.

This means that you have to recognize the bitter truth and do everything you can to eliminate your satanic anti-conscience before it will manage to destroy your tiny conscience. Now you cannot be inconsequential like your ignorant ancestors.


by Christina Sponias