Pokémon Generation III ROM Hacking: Tutorial 4: Deviating from Vanilla Tiles | Video

Hello and welcome to my Pokémon Generation III ROM Hacking tutorial series!

This is the fourth video in the series. In this tutorial, we discuss replacing existing tiles with custom tiles and inserting brand new custom tiles without overwriting anything at all. I think this is one of the most sought-after and enjoyed aspects of ROM hacking, and to add to that it’s a pretty straightforward process!

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Link to PokéCommunity thread: http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=369646

Music: Pokémon Diamond & Pearl: Route 225 (Day)
Disclaimer: I do not own Pokémon nor any of its components. All music used in this video belong to their respective owners.
Discord: https://discord.gg/3HqrYzc
Email: anthroydkk@gmail.com

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  1. I'm making my hack sir and your tutorials are great, I have a question tho. Did you split the tree or is it split already? I download tree tilesets but its not single tree instead its group of trees. I kinda find it hard

  2. I'm just starting to get back into this kinda stuff after a long time, and your guides have been very informative and easy to follow so far!

    A quick question; when I exported the tileset, made changes, and try to load the set back in as described, I'm prompted to search for bytes and am unsure what to do about this. I didn't change the set's size at all, exiting the search popup seems to cancel the loading process, and I'm unsure what I'm meant to do with said search window. I would greatly appreciate the help!

  3. These tutorials ARE A LIFE SAVER. You're a fantastic teacher, and I can hardly watch any other tutorials now.

    I do have a question though.
    When I attempt to insert a new house onto tileset 2 palette 10 for Littleroot Town, and I attempt to load tileset 2, Advance Map prompts me to find space for the tileset (3995 bytes to be exact). Is there a way around this? I did adjust the canvas size in paint to match the original size, so I'm unsure as to why Advance Map wants to use more space on the rom. I didn't add more blocks to the tileset or anything (idk if that's even possible), so I'm wondering if you've run into this issue, or know how to avoid using more space.

    Thank you for your amazing tutorials! I'm learning so much, and have grown accustomed to your voice when learning how to rom hack lawl.

  4. Is there any consequence to using the block editor to change the number of of blocks for a tileset on a map from say 144 to 512?

  5. Hi. First of all, thank you for your tutorials. I made 5 years ago some tutorial for XSE and other tools for hacking roms motivated by same reason you exposed in tutorial 1; seeing your tutorials is motivating me to start again with those videos to help the Italian community grow and learn.
    Here's the question: I followed this video and by doing so I was able to insert a new tree in my hackrom. So I decided to go on and try add a snowy tree. I choosed to add it in the tileset38 (i hack FR and that's the tileset used in icefall cave, in four island) because the palette I needed was used in that set. Again I was able to insert the tree, but free space in that tileset is very low and I can't add new snowy things. How can I deal with it?
    I tried to add new things into another tileset with much more free space, but I don't know how to change the palette used in that tileset into the palette used in icefall cave (in A-Map seems that all the palettes are used in every tileset, I don't know if that is correct or not).
    So I tried to replace a whole tileset by importing the tileset38 and the palette too, so I could save the tiles used in icefall cave (by maintaining tileset38 in the rom) and add more things (by overwriting a tileset whit tileset38 and then add there all the new things), but again the palette don't match and weird things happen.
    Is there any solution to my problem? Thank you for your help and the time you spent reading this (excuse my English)

  6. Hello Anthroyd I have been viewing your tutorials from sometime now , but I have a doubt , whenever I save tileset1 and add my custom tile and go to a -map and loadtileset1 it does not change and sometimes gives an error message.Please kindly help.

  7. How did you do the thing with paint where you just magically changed some of the colours into another colour?

  8. Hi! First, I wanna I say I'm loving these videos, they're basically the only reason I understand ROM hacking on any level. However, I am having a problem with inserting a new custom tile. I managed to insert two new houses into my game and they work perfectly. Then I attempted to insert a new tile for walkways. I edited the palette I wanted to use and did everything the same way I had for those houses. But, the new walkway tiles just become one solid colour. They still had the transparent colour on the edge of tiles, but the tiles themselves are a single colour. I'm at a loss as to what the issue could be. Any help would be appreciated!

  9. Paint won't open my tileset bvd file. Says "this is not a vaild bitmap file, or its format is not currently supported." Any help please?..

  10. Is there a way to get tiles form Emerald (like beach chairs) into your Fire Red hack? Would that be the same thing shown here but with copy and paste?

  11. just decided to get back into rom hacking and wanted to progress more into editing. this really helps as i want to replace the whole game visual. so it has a brighter and lively look

  12. Wait, so I have a question. Let's say I want to add like a flag of some sort to a map. The colors of the flag are completely different than the map's 2 tilesets, and if I changed the colors of the flag to match the tileset, it would look very weird. How would I achieve this? Thanks!

  13. wait i am a little confused on how to edit the tile to fit the pallete do you just manually pick the colors and put them in or

  14. These are some really good tutorials. keep it up mate (:
    once a 721 Pokemon rom base is working (without crashing bugs and stuff) I will be back into Rom hacking too. ASM goes too far, inserting music too. XSE is alright, I actually love messing with it, although it is frustrating I can't get everything to work sometimes. Perhaps I'll give making new tiles a try too. I like the classy fire red tiles myself. so I hope I can make some bridges, snowy tiles and maybe new sprites at some point 🙂
    I subscribed to this channel. 🙂

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