Tracey Boakye Just Confirmed MzBel Is Chasing The Same Man With Him, And Disses Her Mercilessly

Actress and movie producer Tracey Boakye has come out to confirm the person she has been throwing all the shades to all this while who is supposedly chasing her man.

Since yesterday, Tracey Boakye has been throwing shots at a certain person which she continually referred to as Abrewa in her videos.

The actress has finally come out with the name of the person she has been referring to all this while who happens to be hip life songstress Mzbel.

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During a live video, Tracey Boakye confirmed that MzBel is the one she has been shading all this while and also following his man. The actress dissed the hip life act mercilessly in her life video telling her, the hair on her private part has become grey that’s why the man doesn’t like her agaian.

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video below;

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