Web designing tutorials in Telugu – HTML 5 and CSS 3 – Lesson 1 | Video


This video will show you that how to start Web designing in HTML 5 and CSS 3. It contains Lesson 1. Must watch all Parts of this Course.

If you didn’t watch Intro of this course :

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  1. Anna namaste mee tutorial chala bagundhi.
    Kani naku oka doubt Anna ela creat chesina website nu manam google search lo chudalante yala and google ki link avvalante yala

  2. Sir, as i was saving file it is saving but it is opening in chrome it is not opening in Firefox
    It is not coming in chrome
    In chrome what i typed in notepad ,same thing is displayed in chrome so plz plz plz tell me the solution

  3. Hi sir nenu Mee videos fallowing avutunnanu… tutorials nerchukunna tarvata job try cheyocha…..12 the base meeda….nenu jetking hardware and networking course chesanu…..leda graduation degree avasaram …nenu Gujarat Surat lo vuntanu…

  4. You are doing wonderful job. We must thank you for that. Anybody who knows Telugu can become an expert in web designing by watching your videos. I am a high school teacher. I like your videos. I would like to bring some submissions to your kind consideration and favorable responses.
    1) Add some more advanced videos on JavaScript and explain the usage of JavaScript with complete dynamic website.
    2) Please avoid explaining a particular thing again and again. Explain only once. If necessary we will watch the videos again and again.
    3) As a teacher I would like to prepare tutorials on our subject. Your voice in your videos is very clear. So, I want to know what kind of mic, screen capturing software etc are necessary for the preparation of tutorials. Please, make a video on how to record tutorials.
    Anticipating your kind reply as soon as possible. Thank you once again for your great job.

  5. sir video chala bagundhi. mee next lesson kosam eduruchusthunnamu koncham tondraga petandhi already baga late ayindhi kadha andhukani adhuguthunnam sir

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