Types of Boxing Bags for Different Fighting Styles

A boxing bag is a training tool typically used in the sport of boxing. It comes in various shapes and sizes to suit different styles of fighting. These bags are filled with sand, grains etc. and have the capacity to withstand great physical beating without tearing. In this article, we will see in short, the different types available to suit different fighting styles.

Hanging boxing bags are usually heavy and hung from the ceiling. These bags help the boxer in improving their strikes and kicks and mimic real life situations. They also help in developing the boxer’s large muscle groups.

Standing boxing bags are used in kick boxing. They are placed on the ground via a stand or a support. These bags are easily portable and provide a good target for practicing kick boxing.

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Speed bags are smaller hanging bags. They are hung from a specially designed stand and are at the boxer’s face level. They help in improving the boxer’s hand eye coordination, punching speed, evasive times and help in improving short and fast punches.

The Swerve are similar to speed bags but they are attached by elastic cable to the floor and the roof. The bag is specifically designed to rebound back at the boxer very quickly to improve their defensive as well as offensive attacks.

Double-End bags have the provision to adjust their height, thereby making them the best tool to practice with to train for varying opponent heights. These bags have unpredictable motion and hence train the boxer to retaliate quickly. A tear drop bag is shaped the form of a water droplet. They are designed for elbow and knee strikes.

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With a little research over the internet, you will see that there is plenty of information regarding which one should be used to suit a particular fighting style.

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by Michael C Logan