Welcome the Day ~ Morning 10 Minute Guided Meditation | Video

Welcome the Day with this morning guided meditation. 10 minutes is all you need to start the day off with the right mindset. Feel positive, with a clear mind easing into your day feeling great! Enjoy!


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  1. Thank you. This was the perfect way to start my day. I plan on going on a psychedelic journey later today to explore deeper into consciousness and this helped remind me to stay positive despite other things going on in my life.

  2. Thank you very much! You helped relieve my chronic pain. I can see that today is going to be a great day indeed! ☀️ I also think you're low-key teaching us that we can still live wonderful lives while undergoing quarantine. 😂😂😂🤣😁 So let's make the most of the wealth free time on our hands! 🤲🏽🕙🕛🕑🕒🕞🕟🕡🕖🕗🕘🕙🕕

  3. I like the idea, but to me this is just too much talking. I didn't have enough time to focus on my breath. It was more like a podcast with how much talking there was.

  4. Thank you! Thank you for this wonderful gift of encouragement it’s self discovery. Thank you that through videos like these, wonderful content, and uplifting words that I can make it through another day encouraged that I’m not alone. I’m brand new at meditation, self love and that I can change in other ways then iron will alone. Some days I find the negative self talk to be more than I can bear I know I have a long journey but I’m glad I can start to heal. Thank you.

  5. It may be beneficial for mind and conscious development to 'Be in this world, but remember we are not of this world.' This is a journey of self-discovery that is traveled and experienced by going inward to the source of consciousness.

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