Your Xbox 360 Fix Shouldn’t Be Hard! – Discover The EASY 1 Hour Xbox 360 Fix

This Xbox 360 fix article is going to reveal to you the root cause of Xbox 360 red lights and show you what you need to get it fixed (hopefully today).

Fist things first: an Xbox 360 fix can be a touchy issue for people, because there is A LOT of bad information going around out there. Further still, most people don’t even know the real cause of Xbox 360 red lights.

Very BAD Xbox 360 Fix “Information”

Do NOT use a towel or hair dryer to fix your Xbox. Yes, it is extremely frustrating when your system is freezing mid game all the time. But, don’t do something foolish that will cause serious damage.

People are saying you can fix Xbox 360 red lights by heating your system with a hair dryer or by wrapping it in a towel. As you will see in a moment, the cause of Xbox 360 red lights is heat, so you don’t want to add more inappropriately! I say inappropriately, because in the safe Xbox 360 fix method (which I will explain in a moment) uses heat but only on focused points on your system and only after you have cleaned it appropriately and set it up correctly.

Know this: 94% of Xbox 360’s that need repairs for the red ring of death DON’T NEED NEW PARTS. They just need a little tweak to get them up and running. So take comfort in the fact that you can very likely perform a safe and easy Xbox 360 fix that won’t require new parts.

And now…

The Cause of Xbox 360 Red Lights Revealed!

As the motherboard heats up, it begins to flex. This flexing action causes a loosening of the GPU (graphics processing unit). Once the GPU comes loose, your system freezes and you get the Xbox 360 red lights!

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Now you know why the towel and hair dryer Xbox 360 fix is bad! It only makes the problem worse!

So, if you are ready to actually fix your Xbox 360…

Xbox 360 Fix Setup

You should consult a professional Xbox 360 fix guide before doing anything (as it will have videos and step by step instruction). Also, you will need some basic tools (like screw drivers), some washers (nylon washer), rubbing alcohol, and arctic silver thermal compound (this is a very common gel that can be found at any computer store, it only costs $1 or so).

If you just get the tools your costs will be about $15, and if you get a professional Xbox 360 fix guide (which is highly recommended) to help you through the process it will cost you another $24, so your total cost will be about $39 (assuming you have no screwdriver tool kit).

If you have all the tools, you can fix your Xbox 360 in less than an hour.

The real benefit of an at home Xbox 360 fix is that you don’t have to send it into a Microsoft Xbox 360 repair centre. Sending it in costs $140 and takes up to 6 weeks!

Also, the at home Xbox 360 fix is safe and fairly easy. Over 500,000 people have Xbox 360 red lights so professional Xbox 360 fix guides show absolutely anyone how to do this.

Without further delay, here is what you do to fix Xbox 360 red lights…

Guideline to the Xbox 360 Fix

Keep in mind a professional Xbox 360 fix guide will have pictures and videos to guide you through this. None the less, here is what you need to do to fix your red lights once and for all (it’s really not so scary!).

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1. Take off the faceplate, and remove the casing of your Xbox 360

2. Unplug the fans and remove the motherboard

3. Flip the motherboard over and take off the 2 X-clamps on the back. Put 2 washers on the screws and then put the X-clamp back (don’t over tighten the screws!). This part of the Xbox 360 fix lessens the motherboards vibrations.

4. Now take off the heat sink screw drivers, and install 2 nylon washers by each of the holes, place the heat sink back on the motherboard, and also add 2 washers to each of the screws.

5. Now screw the screws in from the bottom. You should now have 2 washers between the motherboard and heat sink, and 2 washers between the screws underneath and the motherboard. This part of the Xbox 360 fix helps keep the motherboard cool

6. Clean off the CPU and GPU (the two flat chips) with a q-tip and rubbing alcohol

7. Apply the arctic thermal compound over the CPU and GPU

8. Heat the GPU and CPU with a heat gun for 30 seconds

9. Let the system cool down

10. Put it the casing back together, and power it on. It should cycle through the red light errors for a while. After 15 minutes power it off

11. Power it on and you are good to go! Congratulations on your Xbox 360 fix!

Now you know how easy the Xbox 360 fix REALLY is. You know the cause of red light errors, and you know what you actually need to do to fix the problem. The key is to take action! Don’t let your game time get ruined by a constant fear of freezing!

Best of luck with your Xbox 360 fix!


by Anthony Uccello