A Successful Slant on Spirituality

If you love reading or listening to material from Barbara Marciniak, Eckart Tolle, Michael Tellinger or David Icke… then you will definitely love this guy.

Living in Northern Italy a few years ago allowed me to meet people whose grandparents were members of the Italian resistance fighting against the Nazi occupation. They were men and women willing to put more than just their reputation on the line for something they believed in. Nowadays, it is difficult to find someone with such convictions of belief, someone willing to ‘stand-up’ for what they think is right.

Coming back home I looked for a mentor to help me with my own personal development. I ended up spending a whole year living in an ashram with a real life guru and this experience taught me much about what can be real, or projected. Time stood still for me as I got up at four thirty each morning to begin my group meditation and personal devotions. But all along I wondered, “Is this it? Is there nothing else for me where I can learn the ‘mysteries’ of life?” I was beginning to feel like a mushroom as the resident guru kept reminding us we could one day be almost just like her, but not quite.

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Since those ashram days are now done and dusted I continue the quest along my path and recently discovered there are many genuinely interesting minds out there who also honestly wish to share the message. One such ‘stand-up’ person who turns out scintillating stuff is Sevan Bomar. He packs a pretty punch with information to do with self awareness, the real history of our planet and other things of controversial truth.

Born in 1978, one can easily see how he comes from a position of strength. Sevan is President of The Resistance, and you need to hear it from him to fully appreciate his mission in life. His books are entitled ‘Code of the Matrix’, ‘Developer of the Resistance’ and ‘The Wholeness Foundation’.

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He speaks through humility and an open heart giving substance to his messages. He has an unbelievable knowledge base and really knows how to share it. For my money he is worth his weight in gold. Sevan does not expect people to bow at his feet or blindly accept reprimand disguised as “it is for your highest good!” His humble simplistic way of sharing allows you to absorb the message, if you are ready to hear it.

I use YouTube to bring Sevan into my lounge room and hear what he has got to say. If it is anything to do with Mind, Body and Soul then Sevan has given it a successful slant of spirituality. Go ahead – YouTube him now, and you may never be the same again.


Source by Sal Provino