All is Vanity

Many of as think that we can accumulate all we desire from this world, but there is a real mode to obtain what ever you can ever desire for, that is to know God. Though I’ve not known God for a long while but in the course of these few years I’ve realize that to yen for physical possessions is vanity but to acknowledge God and to desire for spiritual things is the ultimate things one can ever posses.

A man name Solomon a very wise and noble man as such, tried everything on this earth but he later on ended up saying all is vanity.

He was a king in Israel, he inherited the throne after David his Father, due to this he had everything including 700 wife’s and300 concubines but he later on ended up saying all is vanity what does a man gain after all his toils under the sun, (Ecclesiastes1: 1to2).

King Solomon tried everything on earth, you just imagine upon all the wife’s, he was also having additional numerous girl friends, he had fun and acquired everything a man can posses but he later regretted and as a matter of fact he confessed that he had tried everything but is of no good (Ecclesiastes2: 1).

This was a very wise man; in consequence some called him philosopher, teacher and a king. What am I tying to insinuate here? This man was a wise man, does why he was able to intuit his errors.

I know is good to acquire for knowledge and properties but the Holy Scriptures says it’s profit is few but to seek for spiritual things gives eternal life (1timothy 4:7 to 8).

We make great effort to get hold of material things but all these will not last forever, all these cannot give life, instead of you toiling for material things seek for the work of God firth and his righteousness and all shall be given to you (Mattew6: 33).

Let the word of God be your first priority in life, is time for you and I to change our evil desire and open our heart to the savior.

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We make a lot of effort to grasp all the best in the universe, some of us can even risk their life’s just to get money or get the best cars and the prettiest women and all the gorgeous things on earth, King Solomon had all these but he ended up saying is of no good.

If you have something to think about, if you have something to die for, let it be the word of God.

All the things we see around us are all vanity, but the word of God last forever. (Luke21: 33.)

Many of us think to be better than the other, we think to be wiser than the other but all these are of no good yes! Because both the wise and the fool will die and be buried in the same manner, nothing in the human race makes sense only the word of the Lord can bring impact in one’s life.

Nothing more than the words of can grant you and I joy, nothing else than utterance of the creator. The appropriate thing for us to do is to give our heart our body and soul to God and to be devoted in his service.

Have you been reading the bible? If the answer is yes then from your point view what does the bible really require from us?

The bible is an inspire revelation from God, which consists 66 diverse books alienated into two old and new but all it requires is that we will love the Lord God and to take Jesus as our Lord and personal savior, he says in (John 10:10) that he has come to give you life and in abundant.

Without Jesus there is know way you can have abundant life which entails joy prosperity and most important of all love.

What is your source of revenue? If you desire for physical thing more than spiritual needs, if you lack God then you’ve got to change. What does a man gain after all these toil to gain the best cars prettiest ladies and looses his soul.

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God is ever ready to take you not as an enemy slave nor as a mere friend but as a son and for this fact that he declares in (revelation 3:20) that he is at the door knocking he will here him and open door the he will come in and eat with him and he with him.

God is ever ready to enter into your life; he is knocking at the door of your heart through this booklet that if you open your heart to him, he will come in and sustain you in everything you find yourself into.

King Solomon lent his mistakes and recovered and due to that, he is regarded as the shrewd king ever.

We must use king Solomon as our role model, who first thought his worth were sufficient for him to live a delightful life but later realized that there is something more than riches something that when you lack it makes your life incomplete THE WORD OF GOD.

Commit it into memory nothing makes sense in this world except to know God, if you posses everything and lacks God even an orphan is better off than you as a matter of fact you’re like a slave to the devil and he directs you, but you can be saved and Jesus is there to that for you (John8: 34to36).

King Solomon depended on his worth even his cup was made of gold yet what did he gained? He ended up saying, nothing make sense because during that time he never experienced brightness but when he came to know God every blessed day was a success.

God is using king Solomon as an illustration that riches does not grant happiness, no man born of a human can render you content except God.

Do not put your trust in what you have or what you can gain but rather depend on Christ for only him can grant joy for all is vanity.



by Theophilus Amponsah