Herbology in Wicca

Herbology is the mastery of combining herbs to either heal or be used for magick. Witches in the old days have always been synonymous to healers. They are usually the members of a village that know what plants to use for healing and curing diseases. A lot of Wiccans, even Cowans are starting to practice the use of herbal plants as medicine for certain ailments.

There was a decline in the use of medicine when people started patronizing synthetic laboratory made medicines. People found it more convenient to go to the drugstore instead of rummaging through the forest to look for herbal medicine. But recent evidence shows that medicine can only help the body to heal at a certain extent. Moreover, dependency to medicines has morphed itself to substance abuse or drug addiction. A classic example would be pain-killer dependency. People experiencing chronic pain tend to pop painkillers even when the pain symptoms are not felt by the body. This messes up the response of the body to pain, and compromises the whole well-being of an individual

Wiccans are natural healers. They harness the energy that they use in healing from the Earth, and since plants are gifts from the Earth; Wiccans have found ways on how to use these resources to Wiccan practices. Wiccans drink herbs daily in the form of tea. They believe that certain herbal plants, when steeped in hot water releases its’ energy which came from the earth to the water. This energy from herbal plants provides not only energy but a feeling of invigoration. Herbal plants are also made into essential oils. Wiccans use essential oils mainly for cases of ailments.

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They smooth it into their skins, and the aromatic scent of the oil, replenishes the energy of one’s tired spirit. I can go on about the different methods on how herbal medicine is found to be useful in Wiccan practice. But I guess, I have made my point. Wiccans also use herbs in their magickal rite. The primary use of herbal medicine in magick is that it keeps negative and unwanted forces out of the circle where one is initiating magick. It also protects witches from black magick that is being cast upon them. The use of herbal medicine would not be as effective if it is not combined with pure intentions.

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For Wiccans herbal medicine should not be exploited for selfish means to create Wiccan spells intended to hurt or harm others. It is considered black magick when the intention is sinister or evil. Wiccans abide by the Law of Three. They strictly adhere to this ideal when they use herbology in magick. It does not mean that when one is a witch, he or she can perform magick rituals effectively all the time. Positive energy in nature acts as extinguishers when it senses that magick is intended to harm other people.

Extensive knowledge in herbology by Wiccans throughout the ages, have both helped and harmed their image as religious followers. The misconceptions about Wiccans who practice black magick have greatly affected their reputation as peaceful and nature-loving individuals. It was during the recent years that Wiccans were able to prove the general public, that their mastery in herbology has a scientific basis, and not just voodoo, as a lot of non-believers claim that it is nothing but pure evil.


by Harlan Kilstein