All You Need to Know About Data Science Certification

Data scientist Jobs are the hottest job in the sector of Information Technology. As reported by data from Glassdoor, the job of Data scientists is the best job one can get. Demand for Data scientists is increasing and so is the competition for talent. To get an advantage over your peers earning a certificate would be a good start. This certificate will support your skills and will give recruiters proof of your ability and skills to solve data science problems. It is significant to apply yourself to a course that allows you to learn both basic and advanced methods and prepare you to deal with real challenges in the industry. Once you complete your Training Course, apply for Certification.

There are various Certifications to choose from, however, your selection of Certification should depend on your career goals and level of graduate education. Some of the top Certifications Include Cloudera Certified Professional: Data Scientist- one among the top five big data and data science certifications CCP DS is recognised throughout the world. Employers use this certification as a criterion for identifying skilled Data Scientist, EMC Data Science Associate- certification for people who do not hold any experience in the field and are looking forward to making a career switch, Certification of Professional Achievement in Data Science- Columbia University- this certification is for those who wish to cultivate their job prospects in industry. It is an ideal certification choice for those who wish to learn the foundation of skills, Coursera Johns Hopkins Certification- it is an introductory course. This certification gives the candidate a brief introduction on the basics of topics, INFORMS Certified Analytics Professional (CAP)- this data analytics certification test candidate expertise in analytic process important domains and asks for 3 to 7 years of experience in analytics.

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Certification gives you an added advantage over your peers. It communicates your passion and your self-motivation towards your career as any self-motivated data science professional will keep one data science certification in his/her list of achievements. The certification announces your credibility and proves your skills while confirming to your ability as a skilled data scientist. It increases your likelihood of getting the best roles. Certification allows your resume to attract the attention of employers, giving them an added reason to invest in you. The certification keeps you updated to the latest trends in the industry. While expanding your knowledge base it gives you an opportunity to learn something new every day. Certification makes you qualified for various jobs in the field of big data and data science.

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Besides Certifications there is bootcamp. These are programs which allow students to learn the necessary skills of data science and data analysis. Some of the establishedbootcamp include- Byte Academy, DataCamp, The Data Incubator, Dataquest, Galvanize, General Assembly, Level, Metis, Springboard, Thinkful. These bootcamp allow you to polish up your skills.


by Shalini M