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If you’re thinking of taking one of the many holidays in Australia then choosing what to do if it’s your first time can be a bewildering task. The sheer size of the country means that you could easily spend years seeing all there is to see, but this article takes a look at just a few of the craziest places to visit and things to see, after all if you’re coming all this way why would you want to just see the tourist sites.

First on our list is the impressive Gracemere Sale yards in Queensland, one of the largest cattle markets in the world. Not your usual tourist attraction, but it’s well worth the visit. The whole area around the cattle market is known as Australia’s cowboy country, and the market draws in people from far and wide. If you visit on a sales day then you can experience the incredible sight of thousands of cattle being herded around by professionals.

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If your more of a conspiracy buff though the next item might be more up your street. Wycliffe Well is known as Australia’s Rockwell. Many UFO followers believe that Wycliffe Well may be the most UFO infested site in the world, as the site has had many reported UFO sightings. If you fancy a visit then its 380 km’s north of Alice Springs, on Stuart Highway, a long trip but worth it if you’re a UFO spotter.

If you’re more of a golfer than conspiracy theorist then you’re bound to find this next place a lot more interesting. The Nullarbor plains seem an uninteresting plain landscape, but if you explore a little you’ll soon come across the fantastic Nullarbor Links. Weighing in at 1,365km long this golf course is not for the feint hearted, and it can be a holiday experience on its own. Most people travel and stay in the many towns along its length to complete its marathon 18 holes.

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Finally if you’re a little more interested in politics then you might want to take a trip down to Hutt River Principality, the ‘other’ country on the continent of Australia. Hutt River Province was setup by Leonard Cassley after the Australian government imposed wheat quotas, although the government has never really taken him seriously. However it makes for a fun day out so why not pop down to learn a little about the history, get your passport stamped and pickup a few Hutt River coins.

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by Thom Sanders