Bed Bugs Must Carry Disease!

Bed Bugs must carry diseases. They just have to! These are blood sucking parasites that stick their mouth parts into one person’s blood supply and then stick their mouth parts into another person’s blood supply.

Mosquitoes carry diseases. The list is a mile long of diseases mosquitoes carry – Malaria, West Nile, Dengue, etc. They are listed as a health hazard wherever they are located as they transmit diseases throughout the population.

Mosquitoes and bed bugs extract blood from humans the exact same way – they stick a tiny needle into the skin of their victims, deposit their numbing saliva, and then suck away. So how is it that mosquitoes are the poster child for spreading disease and yet we hear over and over that bed bugs do not?

There is no scientific data available that shows bed bugs carry disease. Does that mean then that they don’t? Has there really been research designed to show whether they carry disease or not? Is there some compelling reason the ‘Powers That Be’ don’t want us to think they carry disease?

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Let’s think about this for a minute. Big Chemical and Big Pharma have a lot to gain with the billions and billions of dollars spent each year on their products and services controlling mosquitoes. There is no need whatsoever to convince people that mosquitoes are bad. Therefore, it is easy to convince governments and municipalities to spray copious amounts of pesticides trying to control them. And it is easy to convince the population to buy the products necessary for personal mosquito control. And if you suffer from bites, doctors and pharmacists are happy to prescribe treatments, creams and steroids.

Yet what about bed bugs? Who could gain from the knowledge that these blood suckers transmit disease? The chemical pesticides available to control bed bugs do not work as the they have become immune. Big Chemical has no profit to be made since there is no product to provide a solution. Since Big Chemical finances research to support their agenda, there is no purpose in researching bed bugs as disease carriers.

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So what are we told? That they do not transmit disease!

It only stands to reason that if mosquitoes going in and out of people’s blood transmit disease… and using hypodermic needles between people transmits disease.. then another vehicle going in and out of multiple people’s blood supply would transmit disease as well.

Which is exactly what these small, parasites do – insert their crazy mouth parts and suck the blood of multiple victims.

Surely, bed bugs carry disease! We just don’t have the data to show it.


Source by Louise Hodges