Blogging On Your Website Increases Profit

Blogging on your website increases profit, but there's so much more that blogging can do. Branding your business is most effectively handled on your blog. Are you using your blog effectively for this purpose?

Let's talk about what branding is, and isn't.

Branding is a way of trademarking the value in your business. People begin to recognize your business as "top of the heap" when your brand becomes visible, high quality, and reputable. The key to blogging your brand is to add value.

Always ADD value when blogging on your website.

Bringing traffic to your blog through the topics you venture to discuss is one way to leverage your brand, and drive loyalty. Everyone wants to know the guy who brings value and quality. If you consistently add value to your website through blogging, your overall brand increases popularity.

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And you gain traffic.

But how do you measure traffic? And is it really necessary?

One of the key factors found in blogging quality content, and adding value through informative articles is that you won't have to measure your results, they'll be visible in your bank account.

This reality can be obvious, or it might be a trickle down thing that happens as the content gets better and better. But you have control of how your content is accepted, and regarded in the market place.

Rebranding is one option you have when an older brand is not working well. But how? Well, that's a 64 dollar question if ever there was one, but we'll delve into that process here shortly.

How do you create a new brand identity?

Start with a concept, an idea, and then move through the process using tried and true methods such as these below:

  1. Create a solid content building plan based on a matrix.
  2. Add content daily, focusing on REAL VALUE in each piece.
  3. Find out what your readers need, and write that content.
  4. Provide added value with backlinks and links to additional information.
  5. Increase your value with continuing content themes. (Use the matrix.)
  6. Add follow through with contact information, ecourses your readers can take, and eBooks from your wealth of information.
  7. Offer coaching or consulting for customers who want MORE of what you offer.
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The biggest key to making your brand recognizable in the marketplace and building a recognized identity is found in value driven content.

Blogging on your website increases profit, if it adds value to your reader's lives.


Source by Jan Verhoeff