BulletStorm Error Crash Fix Tutorial

Games are extremely vulnerable to crashing and freezing but no one really knows why apart from a few clever and determined people who try to get to the bottom of why games crash all the time. Now you may not actually know this but a ‘Crash’ is actually different from a ‘Freeze’, this may sound a bit stupid but they are caused by similar factors that are important, in order to find out who to prevent them from happening whilst playing games.

A crash is caused by a program or application (BulletStorm for instance) ceases to function properly, which then causes the program or application to crash and exit the program and upon crashing a report detailing the crash will present itself. However a freeze or ‘hang’ as it’s sometimes known as is very similar in its symptoms. When a program or application freezes it is actually causes by the program failing to respond to inputs, and this is sort of like a domino effect which states that once one component falls then others will follow and fall too and this is what causes the program to freeze.

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In relation to BulletStorm when it crashes it is actually caused by certain files and settings inside the registry of your computer, which a virtual database of important and vital information for any computer’s well being. The registry is a virtual database that stores important hierarchical information that the computer constantly looks through in order to function correctly. However this virtual database is extremely delicate and is prone to file damage, corrupt and also the is subject to the structure of the database being altered and changed, so this would cause the computer to become confused and take longer to find specific files, and often crash in order to execute a specific function such as initiate certain files for BulletStorm.

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However although this may seem like only a professional computer technician could fix this problem, well your wrong! Even someone who has had little experience with computers could fix the BulletStorm crash problem by using Frontline Registry Cleaner 2.0. This tool is able to dive into your computer’s registry database and look for damaged or corrupt files and has the ability to fix those files that could be causing the game to crash. Another feature of this tool is that it is able to re-structure the database so that it is back to its former hierarchical state in order for the computer to function correctly and stop your game from crashing.


Source by Joe Hilton