Can Social Media Erode Real Relationships?

Although Social Media is very useful most of the time, but it can also make a big hole in a relationship. But how do you define a real relationship? In many people’s opinion a real relationship involves respect, love, communication, passion and dedication.

Unfortunately, yes, social media can break even the toughest relationships. Here are some of the mistakes that you can make on social media that will lead to your break up:

  • Being on a relationship on social media more than in real life – you keep posting cute stuff on her timeline, share pictures with deep thoughts written on them, but in real life you two barely talk. Not to mention that you fight a lot and you have absolutely no respect for her when you argue. Or maybe your attention for her is only on social media. This is one mistake that can ruin your relationship.
  • You overshare – as long as you don’t know how your partner feels about you checking in every single time you go out or about posting pictures about your activities together, I would say you don’t do it. Oversharing personal information about your couple can erode your relationship, especially if your partner is more of a private person.
  • Don’t be sneaky – I am not suggesting that your partner should know your password to every account you have. But if you are used to turning the computer screen or the phone’s screen away when your girlfriend tries to peak, you will look guilty of various things. And yes, you might be innocent, but innocent people don’t feel the need to hide their social media accounts.
  • Talking with other people – I understand the concept of friendship, but at the same time, it is one thing to be friendly and a completely different one to be flirty. There is a line between these two and you must be very careful not to cross it. It will do no good for your relationship.
  • Keep in touch with your ex – you have stumbled on his profile, you looked at his photos and the next thing you know you started chatting. You know that is wrong, but you deny it in your head, telling you that all people do it at some point in their lives. And when you partner suggests you that this conversation should stop, you get offended. If this scenario sounds any familiar to you, let me inform you that this action might erode your relationship.
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Real relationships are based on trust and communication. You can’t trust a person who hides his phone or turns his desktop away from you and definitely not a person who still keeps in touch with his ex. At the same time, communication is an open and sincere act and you can’t be honest with your loved one if you are hiding stuff away. Not all relationships are the same, but most of them can be eroded by social media if the partner is making some of the mistakes presented above.

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Source by Tim L