Court clears charges on 9 men in the murder of a black student on vacation in Greece

A Greek court has at last decided not to accuse 9 men of homicide after they increasingly assaulted and killed Bakari Henderson, a 22 years of age African-American who was on a trip on a Greek Island. Instead, they were trialed for ambush disregarding the manner in which it brought about the unfortunate casualty’s passing away. Bakari Henderson’s family have expressed their extreme frustration in the court’s decision.

As indicated by ongoing reports, six men were sentenced for different strike charges in association with the passing of Henderson from a battle occurrence that occurred at a neighborhood bar. A business graduate from the College of Arizona, USA, Henderson was in the midst of some recreation in the region and was additionally wanting to shoot an ad video for his very own line of products.

On a tragic night in July 2017, Henderson was at a bar, taking a selfie with a Greek lady, when he was stood up to by a gathering of irate men. The barkeeper told investigators that in the wake of modeling for a picture with Henderson, a man close-by stated, “There are a great deal of Serbs in the bar. For what reason are you conversing with a Dark person?” From that point onward, the man hit Henderson in the face. Henderson shielded himself by hitting back.

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The fight continued outside, where a mob of at least 9 men chased and attacked him, which led to his death within just 30 seconds.

Although six men have been convicted of assault charges and sentenced to 5 to 15 years imprisonment, the verdict was still a blow to Henderson’s family who had expected for murder convictions. The rulings have been appealed by a Greek prosecutor.

His father, Phil Henderson, told CBS after the sentencing that he “can’t understand, a man’s life here in Greece doesn’t mean anything.”

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“You should not be able to chase a man down and beat him to death and not go to jail,” his wife, Jill Henderson, tearfully said.

Henderson’s parents believe that race may have been a factor in the death of their son.

“His face was bruised and swollen,” his mother said, “to the point where we put sunglasses on him when we buried him.”

Nine defendants have been on trial, including seven Serbian nationals, one Greek, and a Brit of Serbian origin. Three of them were exonerated and they all claimed that they did not intend to kill Henderson.

Meanwhile, the defendants were supposedly seen smiling, embracing, and exchanging high-fives after their judgments were read.