Depersonalization Treatment – Great Tips For Overcoming Depersonalization

Being depersonalized is probably one of the most confusing states of mind one can experience since you lose track of reality. You keep questioning yourself if the surroundings are real or not, if your life is a big dream or is it really the reality. These thoughts often bring a lot of anxiety along with them, sometimes rising to panic attacks. Being depersonalized takes pleasure out of one’s life for sure, but don’t lose faith since depersonalization resolves quite often if you give it enough time and handle it properly.

Depersonalization can be triggered in many ways, mostly by drug abuse, especially cannabis. If cannabis is the case then the chance of curing your depersonalization is quite high, although it can take up to a year if you only treat it with time. Genetics can be another trigger. Strong anxiety is the main cause of depersonalization and therefore patients diagnosed with anxiety disorders, depression, bipolarity may also experience depersonalization. However this is also rarely permanent and resolves after time.

My depersonalization was triggered by cannabis use, the first few days as my depersonalization appeared I thought I am just having a weed hangover, but I was wrong and the following months became quite scary, I was constantly thinking that any moment I will turn schizophrenic. However I did not and with time I adapted and started to learn how to handle all the underlying anxiety causing my depersonalization. I was researching depersonalization in quite a detail, trying to figure out the cure or at least find something that will relieve my symptoms. The hours and hours of research were worth it as I found tons of helpful tips which I want to share with other depersonalized readers:

1. – You wont go crazy! – Probably every single depersonalized person thought at one moment they will turn crazy. Thinking in such way can be quite terrifying as you think your life came to an end and you won’t ever be normal again. Remember you will not turn crazy, crazy people do not think of themselves as crazy, therefore thinking about it shows your worry making you not crazy. Try to avoid these thoughts and when such a thought comes to your mind just ignore it and tell yourself that you will not turn crazy and in a matter of no time you will feel much better, that is the truth after all.

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2. – Find a hobby / exercise – I know it may be very difficult to participate in any sort of activities since depersonalization and the anxiety takes pleasure out of everything you used to enjoy. Just find anything simple that will take your mind away from your worries at least for couple of minutes. You will find a great relief if you do so, performing tasks also helps you to build up a daily routine by which you will slip into reality with ease. At first you will probably have to force it, but with time you will become adapted and start enjoying your hobbies again.

3. – Try vitamins and supplements – Depersonalization can be a sign of deficiency of a chemical in your brain, thus causing a chemical imbalance. In order to restore your balance experiment with vitamins and supplements such as Vitamin A, B, E or Folic acid, Fish oil, Omega-3, magnesium. Do not expect immediate results as your brain needs time to recover, if you feel that the vitamins are not causing any harmful side effects, keep taking them for a longer time.

4. – Try to avoid prescription medication – I do not advocate the use of prescription medication, of course substances such as benzodiazepines may provide an immediate relief, however in long term they are making everything worse. Your body gets adapted to the presence of the substances and when the effect wears off you feel worse than before.

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5. – Avoid caffeine, tobacco and alcohol at all costs – Do not use any recreational drugs, nor tobacco, caffeine or alcohol during your recovery. Tobacco and Alcohol will leave you only more depersonalized and caffeine will worse your anxiety.

6. – Know the sources of your anxiety and how to fight them – Single most important aspect is to lower your anxiety as this is the only way out of depersonalization. Strong anxiety is what causes your depersonalization as it acts as a protection mechanism. So to get over your depersonalization, defeating your anxiety is a vital step.

All of the tips above should serve you as a good starting point for defeating your anxiety and so your depersonalization. There are many more things which will contribute to getting you over your depersonalization just look at my resources if you want to explore this topic in more depth.

Remember you need to contribute in the process of healing as you will most likely be stuck in one place by just simply waiting for it to cure itself.

I think if I could do it, anyone can do it and I believe most of you will recover. Be aware that it may take couple of months to get over it, but being patient is worth it. When you will recover, you will feel stronger and happier than ever.


by Patrick Andersen