Diploma in Copy Editing Tutorials: Science Editing | Video

Digiscape Gallery’s online video training course specializes in e-learning, character creation, animation, digital content development, video editing, web design and development. Creative skills and a strong understanding of today’s creative application are in demand by agencies and companies more than ever before. We provide hands on experience so that our students can apply it in their professional work in the future.

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Copyediting is the work done on the author’s manuscript to prepare it for publishing. It is a process by which the author’s original material is made clear and presentable before being published. When specific style guidelines are followed while copyediting, it helps to maintain a uniform output of the work.

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Learn more on http://www.digiscapegallery.com/product/diploma-in-copy-editing-and-language-editing/ and start your training today.

The 90 hours tutorial gives users a quick and easy start to working with Diploma in Copy Editing at an affordable subscription for just ₨ 13485 (12000+ tax (12.36%)).