Layup, The Most Missed Shot In Basketball

It might surprise you when you find out what the most missed shot in basketball is, and you probably have fallen a victim to it as well. No, they are not making free throws that you have to make for your team to be tied in points. No, they are not shooting 3 pointers that only the “naturally” gifted players make with ease. It is actually the layup. So why is the layup the most missed shot to make in basketball when is it considered an easy point? It is quite simple, basketball players will become increasingly overconfident when performing shots that are considered easy to make such as the layup. Missing the layup shot can cost the team some valuable points and those points can lead up to beating your opponents. Here is a little guideline to improve your skills to make more layup shots.

The one handed layup shot is the most important shot in basketball. Therefore it is important that you learn how to master this important fundamental in basketball. Every basketball player knows that you should attempt the layup when you are going for the basket. You should practice doing layups, it is important that you practice doing layups in pick up games because their are many athletes with years of experience that will pressure you to make a shot under pressure. This is a good level of practice and would be the same if you were to play basketball in a real school game, where winning will lead to the championships. Here is a simple over view of how to do the lay up.

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1. When the ball is in your possession, choose a side in which you will execute the layup shot.

2. If you are on the right side of the basketball court then dribble with your right, and vice versa.

3. If you are dribbling with your right hand then take off with your left foot, if you are dribbling with your left hand then take off with your right foot, try to jump higher than your opponent.

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4. Aim for the backboard, the square box preferably, then go for the layup shot.

Practice, and continue to practice until you are tired. How do you think NBA players make it to the NBA? It is simple, they practice until they master their skills. That is what you need to do as well. Practice the layup shot and remember to execute the move with confidence. If you have confidence in your shots then most likely you will be able to make the shot. Think about how much better you would be of a player if you never missed the layup shot.

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by Gilbert J Bozigian