Playstation Versus the Playground!

These days I hear the word “play stations” more often than I hear play ground. I wonder how many play grounds still exist.

I would have loved to take sonny out and kick a football around with him and see him huff and puff as I displayed my dribbling skills. But that is not to be, as there is no play ground miles from where I live.

The only playing fields that sonny sees are ones in which sports events are shown on TV or a square, rectangular or circular digital patch he sees on the gaming console of his Play Station.

That is the world he dominates, as he is the unquestioned champion of these play fields. He is in full command as he races cars, fights alien monsters, and pits himself against the greats of all games on his own terms.

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The characters in these games, with which he shares these playing fields, are his friends. They don’t fret if they lose a game or show no jubilance if they beat him.

He is thrilled when he scores over them but need not worry if he performs poorly. He can abandon a game at his will and send his contenders back to their digital seclusion till he summons them again to another game when he feels the mood for it.

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I am often called to try my skills and spar with him but I always find some excuse to stay away from these intensely structured digital challenges.

On a couple of occasions when I did venture to accept a challenge, I must admit my skills with the joy stick did not even conform to the lowest levels of the game.

Sonny was indeed the winner. Give me a play ground and I will have my sweet revenge.


by L.K. Reid