Nintendo Wii or Xbox 360? Choice Is Yours!

Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360 are two consoles that most game enthusiasts of this generation want to have. But there are certain things that differentiate these two consoles based on the unique tastes and choices of players who want to indulge in hardcore games. One such important differentiating factor is the graphic quality of games. The Nintendo Wii has poor graphics quality in comparison with the Xbox 360, which instead supports games with a very high quality graphics. But for the gameplay the Wii has more innovative features, and now these will be discussed, to clarify things for you.

While playing with the Xbox 360, it uses a simple gamepad similar to those used with previous consoles such as PlayStation 2, Wii uses a controller called Wii Remote.

The Wii Remote is a sort of remote with a pointer to the end that you will use to select the options of the games just by pointing your TV and so moving the cursor arrow as if it were a simple PC. The Wii Remote also has internal sensors that recognize the movements that you make. In fact, many games take advantage of this system and you can use it in each game differently. For example, you can shake your Wii Remote like a tennis racket to play the games of tennis, or the appeal to pull punches in boxing games.

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The accessories available for this console are numerous. Among others, the most interesting thing is the Wii Balance Board. The Wii Balance Board is a rectangular platform with which you can measure your weight and try out many exercises for the body. With games like Wii Fit, you will be followed step by step from a virtual tutor who will explain how to perform the exercises correctly and then give you a vote. For this reason, the Wii is a console fun for the whole family, suitable for children.

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The Xbox 360, however, is a classic console suitable for those who prefer better graphics and a gaming system simpler and more intuitive. For football fans, “Pro Evolution” is an excellent title, with a very realistic gameplay and good graphics. The Xbox 360, however, also offers action games, adventure and many other genres.

The big news of the Xbox 360 is its latest accessory, the Kinect. This device recognizes all your moves, giving you the opportunity to enter the game and interact without a controller.

In the end, it remains on you to choose which one best suits your needs.


by Tonja Singh