Finding a Cure For Bad Breath

Symptoms of Halitosis

Halitosis is uncomfortable for both you and the people in your surroundings. People may avoid contact with you or step back when you talk to them, leaving you feeling uneasy. However, it is often difficult to recognize that you have halitosis. A few symptoms of halitosis are:

  • White, thick layer on the tongue
  • Mouth and tongue feel like sandpaper. Halitosis increases in a dry mouth
  • Bad breath in the morning
  • Clearing the throat often
  • Foul taste in the mouth
  • Small white stones which smell bad. These stones are full of bacteria and develop around the tonsils

It is important to recognize halitosis. Knowing the state of your breath will help you avoid uncomfortable situations for you and those around you. As bad breath is mostly caused in the mouth rather than someplace inaccessible in the body, there is a good chance of stopping the progression of halitosis. The key to eliminating bad breath is good personal hygiene.

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Treatment for Halitosis

To be able to determine the treatment for halitosis it is important to know the reason behind it. Halitosis has a number of factors which trigger it. These are a few treatments for bad breath:

  • A dry mouth is prone to halitosis. To avoid bad breath drink enough fluids. To stimulate the production of saliva chewing gum also does the trick.
  • A factor which also triggers bad breath is decay of teeth. Make sure to visit the dentist once every six months to keep your teeth in a healthy state.
  • Certain foods cause halitosis or worsen it. Onions, garlic and deli meats should be avoided. Dairy products are also known to cause bad breath.
  • Smoking is a sure way to bad breath. Even though you may take care of your teeth, you will still have bad breath as long as you smoke.
  • If you believe your halitosis is caused by a health condition, consider seeing a doctor or dentist. Conditions such as gum disease and diabetes cause bad breath as well, and this can be treated by a doctor.
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Bad breath doesn’t have to define your life. Keep in mind that good oral hygiene can do wonders. And see a doctor if you believe something more serious is involved.


Source by Suraj Anjaana