Embracing A Prosperous And Abundant Life For The Long Term Through Magick

If you’ve ever wondered how you could live a more plentiful and abundant life – you’re going to discover how the spirits can help you embrace and prosper in a very successful life long term.

We are talking about true abundance and success here – something that perfectly fits your life and allows you to be perfectly happy without any life confusion.

That’s not a small thing either – to know yourself and how you want to be in the future in your career and personal life; people just don’t think like this normally and it is almost rare to understand yourself this deeply.

Sometimes we just need a little nudge in the right direction, and in other cases we need the spirits to guide us a little more so that we fully align with what success and prosperity means to us.

This can be a bumpy ride if you believe the wrong things and follow the wrong path.

That is why we have very powerful spirits working with us so that our journey is not de-railed early on and we don’t live in misconception about what success and money really mean to us.

Let’s not fool ourselves here – money and success are very important in this life, but knowing what they mean to us is far deeper and helps us align with the proper careers and personal lives so that we are happy long term without confusion going into the future.

This is not about trying to redefine success in some weird way that doesn’t make sense – this is not a personal development product trying to get you to think in some abstract way about your finances so that you can feel and see the world differently and through the eyes of someone you may not agree with.

Nope, not at all – and we’re going to be covering some very interesting spirits here that can help us reaffirm what prosperity, success and abundance mean to us long term so that we can enjoy all of that plus more into the coming years…

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Shub-Niggurath (the Old Ones) – Guides you to see and experience success and prosperity in a way that is perfect for your life path; you are guided to fully embrace and attract both into your life so that you are continually happy with your money and general success.

Lavel – Enables you to experience and understand success and abundance in a way that perfectly fits your life path; guides you to completely embrace abundance in a way that fully aligns with success for you, and allows you to build upon greater success and abundance into the future.

Once you fully know and understand what success and prosperity mean to you – life just gets a lot easier because you can act in a way that perfectly aligns with your goals, and we all have goals related to money and pushing ourselves in our careers and personal lives, right?

It’s not that we couldn’t do all this without the spirits – we definitely can – but we can’t easily do it without some guidance, and even professionals use coaches once in a while – but we’re literally going beyond that.

Using the spirits in this way is better than what a lot of others can help you can get because you just start acting in a way that perfectly aligns with where you want to go.

You might develop new habits or ways of thinking – but that happens without you having to understand what some person is trying to convey to you.

This is one of the purest forms of getting guidance and help – and the spirits can provide that very easily as long as you are willing to accept their guidance…

Melahel – Causes you to understand what your money and success goals are so that you can create a very powerful vision for the future that you follow; guides you to enact that vision so that everything turns out well long term and you reach your money and success goals.

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Furfur – Enables you to fully comprehend what prosperity and abundance means to you so that you can create long term goals that you achieve over time with relative ease.

Once you know what money and success really mean to you – the prosperity and abundance almost just happen for you because you know what you want and you generally understand how to get it.

Not everyone is into making plans, but as long as you have a general idea of how to do something, that might be all you need to make your long term goals a reality.

That is a very big step toward making everything you want happen with relative ease.

When you know what prosperity means to you, the success sort of just happens as your projects work out and things aren’t as confusing as you move forward into your larger goals, and that’s a huge development for a lot of people.

It’s a mindset shift that turns into a lifestyle shift of success and abundance once all the pieces fall together and you are enjoying great happiness because your life is aligned in ways you could have never imagined before.

Once the spirits start helping you – your goals almost free fall their way forward to manifesting in your life in ways you could never have imagined before, and that’s no joke.

Miracles happen, but this is reality for us because we have the spirits on our side and nothing can hold us back when we are fully aligned with what we’re supposed to do – and that’s a beautiful thing since we’re embracing success and prosperity in a perfect way that fully aligns with our life path.


by Donald B. Johnson