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When the word hacking is mentioned, what often comes to mind is a thief or a cybercriminal who carries out illegal activities intending to extort from an organization or an individual through blackmail and by other possible means. The Hacker, to a layman, is a computer expert who is able to steal valuable documents. Hence, people are often wary of the term “hacker” and tend to be cautious of the safety of their systems or computers when the word is mentioned. While this is partially true, not all hackers use their skills for their own selfish interests.
Hacking is simply a way of discovering alternative use of computer software or hardware to further enhance their function and to solve technical problems. Put simply, hacking is an act of using technology in a novel way – different from the way it is usually used – to solve problems that the normal or conventional systems cannot solve. This implies that the major reason for the advent of hacking was not to harm a system. However, with the growth of technology, a lot of digital experts have converted hacking into a way of bypassing security, accessing people’s or company’s secret details illegally and wreaking havoc. Ethical hackers don’t set out to cause harm; rather, their major work is to solve problems. Who Is A Hacker? The hacker is simply a computer expert who understands more than just the conventional ways of using technologies. He or she knows more than just the conventional uses of computers.
Types of Hackers White Hat Hackers This is a name given to computer experts who use their skills in favor of the client or company. White hat hackers are hackers who use the same techniques and methods employed by the black hat hackers to impede or foil the works of the black hat hackers. The White hat hackers use these tools and techniques to break into the danger the black hat hacker might have caused and solve it or set the system in such a way that it will be impenetrable by the black hat hacker. There are two basic functions the white hat hackers use their tools to perform: the first is ethical hacking, and the second is computer forensics. Ethical hacking is an act of using security tools to the advantage of a company or business rather than to ruin it. Ethical hackers use these tools to test and improve security. The white hat hackers also use computer forensics. This is simply away of gathering evidence to arrest and convict suspected illegal hackers. Since the focus of this book is on ethical hacking, as we progress, more explanation of this process will be given. This explanation takes us to the next types of hackers, the black hat hackers. Black Hat Hackers From the explanation above and even from the name, we would suspect that this type of hacker is one of those who are a threat to a company’s system. Black hat hackers are simply hackers who use their expertise for the ruin of a company or an individual. They break into a computer, steal data, send viruses and worms, and commit all sorts of computer crimes. Their major aim is to destroy or to extort. Black hat hackers are the handful of hackers whose activities have tarnished the image of hackers or what hackers generally represent. They are computer criminals who often threaten a company or an individual for money.
Sometimes they break into a company’s computer system and pretend to be an authorized user, using the information they gather to the ruin or detriment of the company. Grey Hat Hackers These are hackers who work as both black hat hackers and white hat hackers. They sometimes steal data and information and also offer assistance or help foil the activities of the black hat hackers. Sometimes what this kind of hacker does is to break into a company’s data and later notify the company that their computer is in danger Most times, gray hat hackers do this to get jobs from such a company. Gray hat hackers function as both white hat hackers and black hat hackers. As a result, they are referred to as “on the fence” hackers sometimes, as they cross the ethical line and, at other times, they maintain the ethical line.
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