FALLOUT 4: The ULTIMATE Hacking Guide! (Everything You Need To Know About Hacking in Fallout 4) | Video

Hey guys, today I’m going to show you exactly how hacking works in this game. Now you may be wondering, JV why are you making this video I’ve been hacking terminals in Fallout for years? I’ve been seeing a few comments and requests for me to explain how to hack terminals, so this is mainly for beginners or people that haven’t bothered with hacking in the past and maybe want to learn more. Enjoy!

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  1. ok i bet you probs dont see comments on vids four years old but… if there is a chance oml u helped me ssssooooooooo much and i would really like to thank you bc everyone else made me feel dumb after watching their vids on it and urs made so much more sense and i feel confident hacking now

  2. thanks for this video. It explained a lot that I didn't know. I just randomly guessed until I got to my last guess and then I closed out of the terminal and restarted it. That will reset your tries. I won't need to do that anymore now that I have this information….

  3. Thanks a lot for making this video
    ….I just bought fallout 4 yesterday and I'm brand new to the fallout world. I'll be subscribing and probably using your videos for help in the future! Thanks again!

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