From Coke Studio To "Youth," "Terrorism" & "Flood Affected People"

I am not a regular listener of music but I am really inspired by the performance of the Coke Studio and this whole show. I have indirect affiliation with literature and performing art due to the fact that my grandfather Fida Mutwahir was a prominent Pashto Poet of his era. Those who belong to the soil of Puktoonkhwa must be familiar with his name and his contribution towards Pashto Literature. The unique intermingle of our folk music can be experienced at the Coke Studio. It is a mix enchantment of eastern and western music that accentuates more on folk music. Our singer’s proved to be an asset in the Music Industry through out the world, not just representing Pakistani culture, customs and traditions but also spreading out the message of Peace, Love and Harmony through their music.

Coke studio is playing a vital role by promoting the performing art and providing an intercultural platform to both renowned and fresh talent to collaborate with each other by using the mix of traditional and ultra modern music instruments and technology. There stunning performances beat the drums up and conveys the message to the world that we stand united irrespective of race color, cast and creed. Our artists can play western “Guitars” with traditional “Rabab” and our singers can sing English songs with Urdu at the same time. The female guitarists and singers in the “Cook Studio Show” are evident to the fact that we believe in equality of rights and freedom of speech. We are not extremists and terrorists. We are civilized-moderate- peace loving Muslims.

Due to limited number of opportunities our youth is flooding Western world one way or the other, legally or illegally, by walk or by planes. It bleeds my heart, but when I look at the big picture, I try to calm down myself because I know they are there for a happy, prosperous and brighter future and will contribute towards the development of the country in different fields of life. The most disappointing situation is the unprofessional attitude of the western media which is not just involved in racial bigotry of Muslim’s but continuously misleading the world through the false and negative propaganda particularly against Pakistani’s which is truly not aligned with reality, thus elevating racism and producing hatred among the Western and American natives as they are truly media believers.

We have sacrificed our heros in war against terrorism and the recent one is once again from Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa, Siffat Ghayour (Commandent FC) who touched martyrdom to protect his soil from terrorism and extremism, Siffat Ghayour played a vital role in eliminating the lines of Taliban and created chaos amongst them, due to his successful counter insurgency strategy, he was on the hit list of Taliban. We have sacrificed hundreds of Siffat Ghayours in this war and many more will be born to rise against those who try to take our national interest in their hands.

Ever since Pakistan came into being, we find this country in hot water, we are at war with ourselves, we are at war with our neighbors, we are at war with natural calamities, we are at war with the Taliban, we are at war with target killings, and our economy is dwindling and shrinking day by day. The recent wave of violence in Karachi is on top of everything, the country is already in volatile situation and these recent incidents will complex the situation even further. Let’s not forget that Karachi is the main hub of economic activities and the situation of Karachi reflects the country’s economic state and affairs. Crises in this city is often seen as an indicator of the situation in the country as a whole.

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A flood ravaged hundreds of villages in Khyber Puktoonkhwa and Punjab and killed more then 1500 people and has already entered Sindh. People are being forced to evacuate the villages; unfortunately we are always caught outrageously by disasters. “Plan ahead, it wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark” Whoever sad it, sad it for this day. Expect the unexpected from life and nature. Tough times do come in the history of the nations but those who are ready and prepared for it, face it courageously. No contingency plan is in place in order to deal with natural calamities. Our leaders can import luxury cars but they can not buy boats, ambulances, fire brigade trucks, helicopters and life saving equipment particularly for emergencies. Government is allocating hundreds and hundreds of acres for housing schemes however; there are no permanent compounds for those affected by the floods or those who become IDP’s. And one must say thanks to God for testing us in summers, the disasters mostly blew our doors during summer vacations when schools are unoccupied and free to utilize as shelter houses.

Contingency plan should be in place irrespective of nature of the disaster weather its earthquake, flood, bombing or whatever. The role of existing disaster management cell is limited to statistics and distribution of donations and it bears a very bad reputation due to its poor aid management. One can still find the earthquake relief goods in the markets such as blankets and tents, sold in the open market. Since then people hardly trust these government institutions for the distribution of donations Same is the case with international community, their response towards this recent disaster was quite slow and we did not get enough aid from the international community although I personally feel that we should not rely on foreign aid but even if we don’t need it, our leaders are used to publicize and exploit such occasions and disasters in the larger interest of their Swiss bank accounts.

In the wake of recent scenario I have come to this conclusion that we should form committees on grass root level, at Mohallah, Village, Tehsil and District level. The collection points should be the Mosques of every Mohallah. In every one KM area there are 5 to 8 mosques and every mosques serves at least 30 to 40 houses in each area. Religious leaders and scholars should come forward; go door to door and collect donations and should take responsibility for distribution of donations as well. (Wake up Molvi Saabs, you have to be on your toes the way you are active on the occasion of Eid-Ul-Adha, searching for Qurbani ka Bakra’s door to door). Turn on the loudspeakers of your mosques; while you preach do not remind us of our wrong doing. Yes I know it is because of our wrong doings that we are struck by floods and earthquakes but let bygone be bygone or we can discuss this later. It is time to act. Please somebody has to translate this to our Molvi Sahiban. And one more important thing, Ramadan is ahead so please no fights over moon sighting for God sake. Similarly, Dr Sahiban are also requested to collect medicines for the epidemic caused by the floods from the pharmaceutical companies who have sucked the blood of this nation, making millions of profit every year, sending troops of troops abroad for conferences, seminars and arranging international family trips for their partners in crime (with apology from those we have not been on these trips ever, good guys are excluded and I am asking the good ones to collect donations although if bad ones wants to join, they are not banned).

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The estimated total population of our country in 2010 is 170200500 and we are the sixth most populous country in the world. The number of people directly affected by the flood is 8000000. The remaining population is 169400500. It is a challenge and battle for those remaining 169400500 people to win the hearts and minds of these 8000000 flood victims. There are very less number of opportunities available in this country and of course we do lack leadership but let me assure one thing to all of you, this country does not lack resources and talent; this nation has enough spirit and compassion to deal with wars and disasters which have already been observed during the earthquake.

It gives me immense pleasure when my eyes sight these young kids standing in the scorching heat in every nock and corner of the country, carrying buckets, running after cars and buses risking their life for their loved ones and collecting donations for them. I am not hopeless from the youth of this country and I have faith in my youngsters, they aim high and there vision is beyond the sky. They have achieved high and they will achieve higher still inshallah. Our youth hate corruption and they are against dowry and bribery. We want leaders with genuine degrees, honest and fair reputation and sound professional attitude and character. Let the world honor us with medals not shoes. We want to stand among the civilized nations and we will rise against all the odds. Let us support our youth and encourage them that they are not alone in this noble cause. Give them what they want, from donation to support, from books to guitar and career to leadership, give them opportunity and let them be the true leaders and messengers of this soil, remember what is done to children today, will they return to the society tomorrow. Donate generously for the well being and rehabilitation of the flood victims, donate it the way you want, as much as you can and in whatever way you can, I have no concern with that as long as you are donating.


by Kashif Ur Rehman