Why the Hazmat Industry is the Perfect Storm For Terrorist Activity

Although anyone would agree that there is a major risk of a Terrorist attack within the USA, not many out there are willing to openly admit that there is a major problem today within the Hazmat Industry. Finely, DHS (Dept. of Homeland Security) has come up with some new Site Security Standards called CFATS (Chemical Facility Anti Terrorism Standards) and things are changing within the hazmat industry.

What can be done is to offer the hazmat industry a tested and proven Anti-Terrorist product line called ThiefsNightmare designed for the hazmat industry to help solve this problem nationwide for DHS.

If you are the unlucky one of over 100 million other Americans who also live within a one mile radius of one these over 100 Tier 1 hazmat facilities within the USA ; (Tier 1 is the highest risk hazmat facilities), then you and your family are today at extreme higher risk of death than others by air borne lethal chemicals which could most likely escape into the air and kill your family if a terrorist attack did occur at that facility.

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Is there an easy one shop answer? No, but my company does have part of the answer as you can find out more below. However, protection of these tens of thousands of hazmat shipments daily on our highways and waterways around the USA and also protection for their chemical plants and other types of warehouse and refinery facilities within the USA is an enormous job that takes a lot of different types of security. Why?

There are some 14,000 chemical facilities alone inside the USA. Therefore, this cooperation needs to be a committed effort by all involved in order to protect our country and the people within it if we want to win this battle against terrorism.

Once the Hazmat Protection products are installed onto all types of different equipment, this is what the end result could be for America. This new Anti-Terrorist ThiefsNightmare technology can prevent the theft of hazmat cargo and in the process will help maybe save the potential loss of life to millions of US lives within a 24-48 hrs. should the worst chemical explosion ever happen if a group of terrorist (who do hate Americans and all they stands for) decides to attack one or more of these deadly industrial hazmat plants anytime soon.

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To give you an example how our products work, this is an electronic controlled fuel & starter lockout system to shut off or disable any gas or diesel engine. All our TN products are standardized, high in quality, effective and affordable.

If you operate one of these hazmat type of facilities or haul them on our US highways in semi-tankers, then you do need to check out our website.


by John Desrosiers