Have You Lost Faith in Humanity Yet?

The world as we see and know it is somewhat gone; Do you ever wonder and ask yourself how did this guy get there? Why did they do that? How is that even possible?

You are not alone, research shows many people are loosing faith in everything there is now. People are turning away from religions, countless number of people refusing to vote because it actually doesn’t matter who you vote for. We all at a point or at all points feel there is something terribly wrong and that it has always been wrong just that we were asleep.

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As quite a large number of people are awoken we still see millions in deep slumber getting confused by the same system that oppress them. Hurts so much watching people do stuff that doesn’t make sense one bit. The average human of these days is cruel in nature unless awoken. Only a few of us are in fact lucky for being awake and seeing the mess caused by humans from a different angle.

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