Health Risks of Using Cell Phones

While cell phones are very useful in today’s society and have been used to help save the lives of many people, the negative or flip side of cell phones poses a very serious health risk. I sometimes ask cell phone users this question: “what’s the difference between a microwave oven and a cellular phone?” They all admit that they don’t know and immediately ask me for the answer, and I say: “A microwave oven cooks your food and a cellular phone cooks your brain!”

That’s right! What happens to your ear after using your cell phone for more than 30 minutes? Your ear starts to burn or warm up. This burning or warming is caused by RADIATION! Yes, cell phones emit tremendous amounts of radiation which literally eats up your brain cells.

A lot of people have went out and purchased cell phone ear pieces sincerely thinking they are reducing the amount of radiation they are being exposed to from cell phone use, but unfortunately, ear pieces actually increase the amount of radiation into your brain via your ear. By using the ear piece, you’re sending the radiation straight to the brain! I’ve always said that in convenience is inconvenience. This applies to cell phone ear pieces.

In all actuality, cell phones were not meant to be used for the long periods of time and durations they are presently used for by the m(asses) of the American people (or is it sheeple?). But the Ruling Elite (Illuminati) had something else in store for the American people – invasion of privacy! If you didn’t know it, all cellular phones are chipped (have tracers). The NSA (National Security Agency) bugs and records every cell phone transmission and conversation worldwide via satellite. The NSA was the agency chasing Will Smith’s character in the movie “Enemy of the State.”

Well, okay Djehuty, do you have a cell phone? No I do not! My land line phone is already too much for me and it is difficult to answer all of the incoming calls that come in on a daily basis, and the buzz is already going around that Djehuty doesn’t return phone calls like he used to. Well, it’s difficult these days and I’m just one man (and I do a lot of things with my talent and time). However, I don’t have a cell phone for two reasons – (1) Cell phones emit EMF (Electro Magnetic Frequencies); (2) I don’t want another bill to pay (even though money is not an issue for me).

Yes, cell phones emit harmful EMF radiation. We need protection from electro magnetic fields because power lines, house wiring, radar and microwave ovens, cellular phones, computers, electric blankets and hundreds of other common electrical devices are known to produce strong magnetic fields.

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Okay Djehuty, don’t you use a computer which emits EMF radiation? Yes, but believe me, I am a man of voluminous solutions, answers and alternatives and I’ve done my homework (and applied it) over the last 14 years and I know how to protect myself and navigate in these modern technological times. Yes, I spend great amounts of time before a computer but I don’t worry about radiation or my eyes being impaired due to loss of eye protein, vitamin A and/or visual purple from the screen glare. For many of us who make our so-called living or livelihood with a computer (or cell phone and/or land-line phone), avoidance is difficult. When avoidance is not possible, technology to neutralize and balance energy fields around our bodies must be used.

I don’t suffer from radiation from the use of my computer because I have a Dio-Mid right next to my computer. The Dio-Mid is the world’s most effective protection from electromagnetic fields. The Dio-Mid is a large diode (and very costly financial-wise).

What is a diode? A diode is an all-natural elemental base of 47 different energy frequencies. It is molded into different forms and shapes to be worn on the body or placed on devices that emit electromagnetic radiation. The formula is named “diode” because the dictionary describes “diode” as: “a device with a two-element electron tube or semiconductor through which a current can pass in only one direction.” The natural elemental diode’s energy current moves in one direction, which is positive and gives a positive spin of energy. The elemental diode also acts as a rectifier by keeping the body’s energies in perfect balance. It also corrects and filters the energies flowing into the human body to bring increased harmony and balance to the body’s electrical system.

So if I had a cell phone, I’d attach a small diode to it (on the back), because a diode converts radioactive (negative) energy into bionic (positive) energy.

Also, as I am into crystals and crystal therapy and technology, I place the crystal/element “corovite” next to my computer. Corovite is a black stone or crystal that neutralizes radiation. I also drink crystallized corovite water which also protects my body from radiation in general.

And probably most important, I eat seaweeds (in capsule form, sprinkled on my salad, etc.). Seaweed is great stuff! Seaweeds such as Kelp, Dulse, Nori, Alaria, Irish Moss, Spirulina, Bladderwrack, Hiziki, Wakame, Iceland Moss, Red marine algae and blue-green algae reduce strontium 90 radiation by 90% Seaweeds also increase oxygen flow to the brain, which cell phone use deteriorates. Cell phones play a pivotal role in the inundation of brain cancer cases in America today.

Plus, I eat a lot of blueberries (mainly dried organic blueberries) and drink a lot of blueberry juice. Blueberry is excellent for the eyes and overall eye health and greatly improves night vision.

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I also drink a lot of the herb “gotu kola” in tea form. I mix it with a few other herbs that I call “Men-Tal-I-Tea.” Gotu kola (followed by Gingko Biloba) is the best herb for the brain and brain problems. It greatly improves memory and cognitive functioning. I have excellent memory recall because I don’t put junk in my body that will destroy my brain. I have always been afraid to lose my mind, which is why I never drank alcohol or beer or smoked or took dope, and today, don’t eat any meat, dairy, refined grains, sugar, salt, and all of the rest that man-made crap on the market.

Gotu Kola is the favorite food of elephants in the wild. That’s why you often hear people say “so and so has a memory like an elephant.” Gota Kola enhances and improves memory. Now you know where that saying came from and why people say it.

So in closing, I’m not telling anyone to get rid of their cell phone (because 99% of cell phone owners and users wouldn’t do it anyway). I’m simply saying take precautionary measures. That’s all!

I would be remiss to give disheartening information without offering a solution or solutions. Actually, I already did above. Diodes are not readily available in America. I used to sell them when my herb company or business was called Afiya Herbaceuticals. However, after not selling them for more than 3 years, they will be available for sell in August 2004 via our web site ( The cell phone diode will sell for $23 (including shipping & handling). It can be applied to a cell phone or house phone.

The crystal/element “corovite” is available at most crystal stores. It is very economical, about $5-$10 for one stone.

Seaweeds are readily available nationwide, especially at most health food stores and herb stores. DHERBS Iodine Phosphate is 100% seaweeds and can be taken daily.

Blueberry juice (organic) is available at all good health food stores (such as Whole Foods Market).

For more good information on the health risks of cell phones, read the book “Cell Phones: Invisible Hazards in the Wireless Age”, – An Insider’s Alarming Discoveries About Cancer and Genetic Damage, by Dr. George Carlo and Martin Schram; ISBN # 0-7867-0818-2.

Thank you for reading, and again, my purpose as always, was to share information. DHERBS is not just a business, but a ministry as well, spreading the gospel of good health.

– Djehuty Ma’at-Ra, the People’s Herbalist!

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by Djehuty Ma’at-Ra