Healthy Crock Pot Recipes With Easy Preparation

The other day I was looking through my grocer’s weekly sale flyer and I found myself thinking, “The easier the preparation, the worse it is for you.” Think about fast food. No preparation, but completely unhealthy.

I continued my thoughts through meal preparations – frozen TV dinners, frozen pizza, frozen “meal in a bag”, boxed dinners, the list goes on and on. We are so concerned with doing things quickly we are hindering our health by jamming our bodies full of preservatives and things with names too long to state and too difficult to pronounce.

I pictured my grocery store, which wasn’t difficult since I’m usually there at least twice a week. I love my grocer’s produce section, seeing all the fresh fruits and vegetables; I usually spend most of my time there. However, thinking of all the isles that follow, my thoughts were once again confirmed. Packaged food after packaged food – even in the organic isle! I know that cooking with natural ingredients is the best way to go, but how are we to do it if we’re bombarded with packaged, boxed, preserved food?

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Thinking about my own cooking, I know that I use more “pre-packaged” items than I probably should. For convenience sake, I often used frozen vegetables and canned tomatoes. I feed my kids boxed macaroni and cheese. However, they don’t eat frozen dinners, ready-made frozen chicken, and we never eat at fast food restaurants.

These thoughts drove me to research my own recipes; were there a handful of crock pot recipes with extremely easy preparation that are healthy? I did find a bunch, and although the recipes with canned soups tend to be higher in sodium, I believe I found a nice balance between easy preparation and health. Plus, every recipe on the list has 10 ingredients or less. You can view these recipes at

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When it comes right down to it, we want to be healthy and feed our families healthy meals. However, our busy lives often take over and prevent us from doing so. I hope that I have offered you some options to avoid the frozen dinners and fast food restaurants and create healthy meals with ease.


by Natalie Schloesser