Home Boxing Workouts – Common Workout Problems

Home boxing workouts are a great way to get in shape without any if the hassles that come with a gym membership. Home exercise workouts are just as effective as gym workouts but you get to do them from the comfort and convenience of your own home. Forget about having to commute, find parking, and wait and share the equipment with the hoards of other people using the gym at peak times.

All you need for home boxing workouts is some space, some desire to workout and 30 minutes or so, three times per week. You don’t even need to have a boxing punching bag to get the benefits of this great exercise fitness workout.

You can do home boxing workouts with or without a partner and like I said before, you can do it with no equipment. The most you will need is some focus pads and some boxing gloves. These exercise fitness workouts are great for a beginners workout, women workouts, cardio boxing, speed workouts and compliment strength training workout as well.

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If you have tried other home exercise workouts and have not got the results you were expecting then it’s not your fault. Many workouts don’t have the variety and progression required to deliver results week after week. More often than not you will get started and see some results. But this is short lived and the exercise fitness workout you were expecting to take you to the next level stops working. This is because many programs don’t have built in progressions to take your beginners workout to an intermediate or advanced level.

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Home boxing workouts are designed with continual progression in mind so that your body keeps guessing and keeps your results coming, week after week. This is what you want from any workouts training program otherwise you will find yourself spinning your wheels and getting nowhere fast!

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by James Kerrison