How Should You React When The High Priestess Shows Up In Your Tarot Card Reading?

The High Priestess is the third card in the 22 trump cards (Major Arcana) and is associated with the number 2. If the card is drawn in a reading, it is a usually a representation that She is advising you to take a step back from the situation and be discrete from any thoughts for the moment. Do not do anything impulsive and allow the event to unfold. It will be worth the wait.

The High Priestess portrays a strong feminine energy is also the card of psychic ability, intuition, and wisdom. It may be the period whereby you are following a spiritual path or thinking about enrolling in a metaphysical science school to learn tarot, astrology, numerology, etc.

In a relationship reading if The High Priestess shows up, It could represent a wise woman who can give you good advice and you could be projecting this ideal characteristic onto your female partner. It could also be indicative that a woman is being kept in secret such as in an infidelity, or any other types secrets. This really depends on the situation.

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In a business reading, listen to your intuition, your inner feminine energy, before going ahead with anything new. It may be that new information or inspiration needs to come to light before you take action. Look within for this inspiration. When you are in touch with your inner High Priestess you may find others seeking advice and insight from you.

During this time, you may feel apprehensive and often, you may find that you are isolating yourself as a mean to remove yourself from the outside distractions. Just sit back and stop “trying” so hard and let nature take its course. Listen to your inner voice and get in touch with your intuition to make use of the wisdom that was accumulated over the past to allow the truth to be revealed. During this period you may be experiencing sparks of creativity and inspiration. In another possible scenario that comes unexpectedly, is a sudden onset of clairvoyance or psychic impressions. Embrace such déjà vu experiences and try to understand these insights as it may point you to the right direction in order to achieve your goals.

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Making the right choice is not easy, but making the wrong choice could result in troubled times. Your intuition is being pulled in two different directions. Wait for the divine moment to get a thumbs up from your higher-self before you make the right decision with courage and faith!


by Marcus C. S. Tan