How to Attract Blissful Love Relationships With the Law of Attraction

How can you use the Law of Attraction to create an ideal relationship? Well, first of all, this is one of the most natural ways to use the law, as attracting love into your life is really the basis for all other kinds of attraction. When we think of love, we usually think of romantic relationships, but really everything we want ends up coming down to love, whether it relates to our health, finances, career or friendships. I mention this not to divert you from your goal of finding a blissful relationship, but to set the stage so you are in a more magnetic state to attract this.

It may be a cliche of self help books by now, but the truth is, your primary relationship is with yourself. No matter how close you are to another, you are with yourself every minute of your life! When you think of it this way, do you think how you feel about yourself might be important? Actually, it’s the basis for how you interact with the rest of the world -which, in turn, largely determines how others respond to you.

If you create a loving relationship with yourself -not based on greed or narcissism, but a sense of your basic worthiness and connectedness- you can begin to interact more smoothly with your environment. This is not something you do as a separate exercise. It’s just a basic theme to keep in mind throughout your life.

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The next stage (though all the “stages” can occur at the same time or in any order) is to focus on the relationship with another that you want to attract. You can improve your existing relationships or attract new ones. The most important thing you can do in this regard is to focus on what you are putting out or sending to others, rather than on what you can get or receive. This isn’t to say that you should let others

take advantage of you, but that you should approach relationships from the standpoint of giving first. This does not only apply to people you are on intimate terms with -it also means someone you’ve just met.

Giving in this sense does not mean material things, but energy and emotion. Just as, if you are in business, you do better thinking of what you can provide your employer or customer, so in relationships, you are more magnetic when you are a powerful *source* of love and energy. Many people tend to hold back in this regard, afraid that what they send out will not be returned in kind. The fact is, love is an infinite resource, so it doesn’t make a difference. If you make an effort to reach out and it is not appreciated, you haven’t lost anything (as long as you realize this!). On the other hand, more often than you think, you will find that energy you send out will be returned in kind.

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The final “stage” (first is love yourself, second is have a giving attitude) is to have a picture of what you want to attract. Not a specific person (for you cannot use the Law of Attraction to compel something from someone else, whether love or material things), but the kind of person and relationship. You can use an affirmation to help with this, as in —

“I am now attracting a blissful relationship with a (man or woman) with (essential qualities) into my life.”

Keep the picture and repeat the affirmation, but keep in mind the first two “rules” and don’t expect Mr. or Ms. Right to appear at your front door immediately (though it could happen). If you live with a positive, loving and giving attitude, and keep a picture of who you want to attract, the Law of Attraction will definitely deliver it to you!


Source by Gary Evans